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Do any of the repro makers make an 1886 in .50-110 Express?

King Medallion:
I've not heard of any. Probably have to be a custom thing.

You would probably just have to buy a 86 from a manufacturer and send it somewhere to have it converted to 50-110. It's not a popular cartridge like 45-70 or even 45-90, so a custom gun would be your best bet.

Turnbull will build his in .50-110.  Pricey, but beautiful!

Older post, so not sure anyone is looking.
I picked up a B71 in 348 Win,  the pistol grip version of an 86, with the vision of making it a 50-110. I took it to Wayne York at “Oregunsmithing” to rebore the barrel, and rechamber to 50-110. New starline brass in 50-110, is like a 50 Alaskan, but longer, as the head of the case is slightly smaller. It is the same as the 348, 50AK etc. Just 2.407 long. I’m having the chamber cut 2.411.  You can actually single feed 500 linebaugh, 500 max, and the Bowen and reeder as well, plus it should reliably feed 50-110 (new cases) and 50AK  thru the magazine.
     The barrel will be shortened as the F sight was screwed on, and the larger bore will cut into the screw holes. A good recoil pad will be added as well. Yes it’s a Browning recreation, but it will be a good shooter, all in just under $2K



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