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Major 2:

Person who can't stop purchasing guns, eventhough he has enough to supply all of his friends and family in the event of WWIII.
"I was on the road to recovery   :-\  ...not ! 

HI ! "  I'm Major and I'm a  gunoholic " 

I was on the road to recovery, but a detour to the LGS yesterday disrupted almost 11 days cold turkey .... :)

Crow Choker:
Jubal Starbuck once coined it as "NTA"!!!

"Need To Acquire" ;D ;D


I tried Vaccination.  Didn't work.  In fact I had an adverse reaction to the Vaccine.  I was forced to treat the adverse reaction with a new treatment.  That entailed a new Pietta.  I've given up on those Faux medical miracle claims.

Soon as I start suffers the sweats and shakes I immediately hustle to my LGS.  Works every time.

Kent Shootwell:
There's hope for all of us! I have found that being on a small fixed income has mostly cured my addiction. So as a sevice to those still suffering I will except all your excess money to hold for you. At any time you feel the need for a gun fix you may petition me and a detrimation will be forthcoming. It?s a heavy load to bear and I don't take this responsible lightly so send cash only promptly. I will get set up with a PO box in a nearby town for the safe handling of funds.

Silver Creek Slim:
I've found that going to the local "toy store" to look does not help.




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