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Favorite loads for your 86

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King Medallion:
It would be nice to see pic's of your rifles, Larryo1

PJ Hardtack:
It depends on the application - hunting or steel. Lighter bullets under 400 grs tend to a lot less punishing to the shooter. These are the so called "Express" loads once available in 45-70 and 45-90.

I tried Paul Matthews loads in my first 45-70s and decided that I didn't enjoy getting the snot kicked out of me.

Moose are not that hard to kill as I found out with my 36 Varget/420 457193 load. Two shots, two dead moose. One literally dropping in it's tracks, t'other staggering fifty yards.

I use all the loads I mentioned above to hit steel out to 200m, and not from the bench; off hand and field positions. In the era, "hunting rifles" were generally not bench rested. That was the domain of the heavy "slug guns", generally muzzle loaders.

Black River Smith:
I am interested in this posting also but it would be more useful if the reply would list the caliber that the load is being applied too.  Not all 1886's were 45/70's.

Original Winchester 1886 calibers were 33wcf; 38/56; 38/70; 40/65; 40/70; 40/82; 45/70; 45/90 & 50/110.


PJ Hardtack:
True, an assumption on our part, although the bullet weights mentioned ought to have been a clue for you. Most 86's we see at CAS events are in 45-70, as are the Browing/Pedersoli/Chiappa  repros.

Black River Smith:

That is why I made the statement -- 'Not all 1886's were 45/70's'.  It appeared as if the postings were for 45/70 but if everyone left out the caliber they are posting about, think about the possibilities for 'issues'.



PS:  My point is 45/70 was a 405 gr..  PJ lists a 520 and 350 is the 350 maybe a 40/70 330 gr original.  Larryo1 lists a 300 gr does that represent the 45/90 original 300 gr.  Wildman1 is the only one providing enough detail, by listing a 260 gr but he also added the diameter of 0.379 for a possible 38/56 or 38/70 near original 255 gr. but also lists 52 gr of powder used which would most likely be the 38/56 and states it is for an original.

Please just list the caliber.


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