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Joss House:
Welcome to the Brotherhood of Schofield Shootists.

The Brotherhood of Schofield Shootist "aka" BOSS is a society of owners and shooters of original and replica Schofield, S&W Russian, and any other version of the Smith & Wesson Model 3 revolvers.

BOSS was first started on the SASS Wire in 2004 as an "at large" group of enthusiasts seeking to have a special "club" of Schofield owners/shooters and to have a forum dedicated to these unique and interesting revolvers. After our membership began to grow, we were provided our own forum here on the CAS City web site.

Our sincere appreciation to Marshal Halloway for setting up this forum.

Membership in BOSS is by request of the perspective member and the only requirement is that you own or shoot one of the revolvers listed above.

Membership numbers are assigned in the order that they are received.

You do not have to be a BOSS member to join in on any of our discussions.

Our goal is to exchange or share as much information as possible about these historic revolvers.
We are particularly interested in hearing about revolvers that are unique either by their history or custom modifications that have been done to modern replicas.
Also experiences with black powder and BP substitutes is much appreciated as there seems to be quite a handicap when using these powders.

If you own/shoot an original or replica S&W model 3 (Schofield, Russian, American, New Model #3) and want to be recgonized as a BOSS member, just start a new post requesting to become a member, state your name and type of revolver you have and you will be added to the list.

In addition to regular BOSS membership, we also have two other ways to become a member.

The BOSS forum as stated above is open for discussions of any and all top break revolvers of the time frame.

BOSS membership is exclusive in that one must meet the stated requirements to be placed on the membership roster.
In order to maintain the integrity of those that do meet the requirement to carry the title of BOSS member, membership requirements will remain in effect.

There are certain participants to forum that are not owners of the S&W model 3 type revolvers, however, are contributors to the forum with their knowledge and participation.

Due to the periodic request by those not meeting the basic requirements to be admitted into the brotherhood, Honorary Membership status may be bestowed to those individuals that prove themselves to be an asset to the forum.
This will be decided by the moderator on an individual basis, but will require an effort on the prospective member's part through contribution.
Additionally, in order to promote growth of the forum and to be inclusive to those participants to the forum that do not meet the basic requirements to be a full fledge BOSS member, but do possess, collect and/or shoot other varieties of pre 1899 top break revolvers, the Associate Member status may be granted and will be designated as such by adding "Associate Member' to their name and ID number on the BOSS roster.

If at a later date the Associate member acquires the proper handgun to meet the BOSS requirement, then that designation will be removed.  

Scouts Out!

0 Big Hext Finnigan (originator of the name Brotherhood of Schofield Shootist)
1 Half Dome  (suggested the idea to form Schofield shooters group)                            
2 Slow Hand Bob                              
3 Seafarer Mick                              
4 Thunderin' Tarnation                      
5 Tennessee Stud                            
6 Yakima Kid                                
7 Capt Samuel Clayton                        
8 Steamboat Jack Maybe                      
9 Sixgun Shorty                              
10 Virgil Ray Hality                        
11 Capt. James Albertson                    
12 Bearly Moovin'                            
13 Joss House  (founder of the BOSS forum)                        
14 Topbreak Kid                              
15 Jess Nicktem                              
16 Hellwood Blues                            
17 Scattered Thumbs                          
18 Ike Pike                                  
19 L.G.                                        
20 Camarillo Brillo                          
21 Rancid Roy                                
22 Fingers McGee
23 Brother Angel
24 Longshot John
25 Silver Rings
26 Lorenzo Kid
27 Mayobard
28 Dutch Dave Holland
29 Shanghi Jack
30 RC Flint
31 Old Judge Creek
32 Doc Red Dawg
33 Boulder Canyon Bob
34 Beans
35 Boston John Doucette
36 Allegheny
37 S. Quentin Quale, Esq.
38 Kill Devil Kid
39 Sr. James
40 Parley Baer
41 Creek McIntosh
42 Rafe Conager
43 Guano
44 J.D. Cayhill
45 Grizzly Adams
46 Mysterious Bill
47 Darkhorse Onefour
48 Raton Rick
49 Happy Trails
50 Ima Schofield
51 Colonel Sir HP Flashman VC
52 Oneeyed Dave
53 Big Fifty
54 Borderline Kid
55 Tuco Tony
56 Wrangler Rich
57 Sheriff Sniff
58 Red Gauntlet
59 The Pathfinder
60 Grizzly Skinner
61 Gunner
62 Two Flints
63 Little Lou (Cindy)
64 E.R.Beaumont
65 D'Iggaer Mort'e
66 Mohave Gambler
67 St. George (Forum Moderator)
68 Billy Clanton
70 Darrin Rocky Jones
71 vmagno
72 Stealth
73 Capt.Jack Coffee
74 Nat Young
75 Uncle Eph
76 I. Will Ketchum
77 Stoneburner
78 Jim Supica
79 Nine Finger Bob
80 Rapid Lee
81 Fighting Bob Evans
82 Marshal J.D. Lightning
83 geichal
84 Arturo Fuente
85 Bishop Creek
86 Schofield 45
87 Sam Hane
88 pony racer
89 Hondo25
90 French Jack
91 Dingleberry Pete
92 Jon Spurlock
93 Irish Dave
94 Kaboom Andy
95 Cedar County Sheriff
96 Foots Jackson
97 jclements
98 Malachi Thorne
99 Beehive Bushwacker
100 cocklebur
101 Delerious Dan
102 Charlie Plasters
103 Norweigen Bounty Hunter
104 Frank James
105 Uncle Stinky
106 Smokin' Guns John
107 Jake MacReedy
108 nutria man
109 Old Top
110 Doc Hawken
111 Chiloh
112 Bushwack Bill
113 Grapeshot
114 Yakima Red
115 GW
116 Grizzle Bear
117 Wild Bill Peterson
118 John Michael
119 Cooper York
120 Zip Wyatt
121 Guano
122 .44 Russian
123 Roy Mason
124 Hell-Er High Water
125 Virginia Gentleman
126 Grubby Walking Eagle
127 " Double Barrel " Farrel Shot
128  Marsh
129 Sheriff A.E. Moses
130 Lucky Cuss Russ
131 Qball (Associate member)
132 Tuolumne Lawman
133 Talleyes Johnson
134 Bartholomew A.T. Mann
135 Captain John Jarrett
136 Panhandle Slim
137 Cougar Heart
138 Lastcigar
139 Crooked Creek Kid
140 Amos Dumas
141 gotzguns
142 Pitsptr
143 West Longer
144 Books OToole
145 Sgt. Eli
146 Blackwater Desperado
147 Tubac
148 Big Jim Dandy
149 Dr. Bob  
150 quiet jake (Associate member)
151 Major 2 (Honorary member)
152 Youngblood
153 Bead Swinger
154 Anthracite Andy
155 Texas Lawdog
156 Long Johns Wolf
157 Baron von Haltomstadt
158 Bad Blueridge Bob
159 Red River Dee
160 Possum Toed Rick
161 Captain Hubert Arzhel
162 Yankee John
163 Cuzzin Jack
164 Doc O
165 Dr. Wright Gooder
167 Schofield Kid
168 Deadeye Don
169 Schofield Smith
170 Go West
171 Captain Clancey Mitarwan
172 Wolfy
173 Jubel Pickett
174 Tjackstephens
175 Sharps 74
176 Crazeyiven
177 Frank Dalton
178 Dead Eye Dave
179 Walker 1847
180 Bangor Dave
181 Six Shot
182 Wagon Wheel
183 The Yankee Bandit
184 rroddy
185 Homer Suggs
186 Four Eyed Floyd
187 Russian
188 Chris Wildhunter
189 Trooper Ellis
190 Captain Rob Page
191 Digger
192 Deadly Dick
193 Bonnie Kate
194 Old No7
195 Capt Mack
196 Coal Creek Griff
197 WaddWatsonEllis
198 Regret Chancy
199 Triggersmith
200 Short Knife Johnson
201 Doc Cuervo
202 RickB
203 ammodave
204 Whiskey James
205 Wild Horse Hans
206 Lightning Buck McGraw
207 mtgelaude
208 Driftwood Johnson
209 Tommy Reb
210 Reddog Reddog
211 Tascosa Joe
212 Tall Dark Slim
213 Wild Willie
214 Big Bear Lowe
215 bgriep
216 Blair
217 flatapple
218 CraigC
219 Colt Fanning
220 Sgt Brisco
221 matt45
222 Thomas (Tom) Horn aka James Hicks
223 rdstrain49
224 Boss Melton
225 Major 2
226 Sacramento Johnson
227 Cinch Ring Sam
228 gtcrackers
229 murbas


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