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I play the fool now and again, according to my missus, as is evidenced by this post!! ;D

Never did learn an instrument, all those tadpole things on the sheet music kept moving around while I was trying to get it right!

I do watercolor painting, stick making, archery, jewelry and beadwork as well as all the shooting allied crafts.

AE ;D ;D

Johnny McCrae:
It's a great idea to have a topic like this. Good place to shoot the breeze about non leather stuff.

My prayers and best wishes for the safe return of your Grandson.

Howdy Rick,
Those are great display's and collection's you have there. Looks like lots of care and work went into them. Many thanks for sharing this with us.

I posted this a few years ago in another area. I display my favorite pistols in an old Grandfather clock that had not worked in 25 years.

JD Alan:
Gun Butcher, that's great news about your family. We pray for all those who serve our country in the states or overseas all the time. 

Morning Feathers, I play the banjo, though not much as of late. There was a time when it was my main instrument, and I lost a lot of guitar skills. Now it's the other way around; I play guitar all the time, it's part of my job. My Taylor is in the stand right next to the computer, because I was using it last night to work out some music for tonight's service.

In the 70's I used to play banjo in a Gospel bluegrass band, but then I transitioned into leading worship in church and slowly moved away from the banjo. I get it out once in a while, but it's an issue of time for me, and if you don't play regularly, you lose your chops. I used to own a Stelling, which I bought new in 1975. It would be worth about 5 grand now. I sold it to buy my wife a keyboard when we started pastoring this church, because we didn't have a piano of any sort, or much money.  

On the positive side, the banjo is the easiest instrument I knowof to learn. Banjo music is in tablature form, and anyone can read it. You don't have to learn to read music, or even cords to begin with. Lot's of banjo tab is available on the 'net for free.

I play some mandolin. I know a few cords, just enough to fake it. I also play some harmonica, but GunClick Rick can really play one well. He's posted a few videos of him playing, and I know from my efforts that he's worked at it to develop some skills.

That's my story, and I'm stickin to it!

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Kid Terico:
I mow lawns for 26 elderly and do snow I blowing for them also. My son and 2 grandsons helps . This is done at no cost to them. Must be over 70. Have granddaughter in Japan in the Marines and a grandson in the army. He is not allowed to say where he is located or what he is doing so we dont know. Receantly a great grand father.

Ten Wolves Fiveshooter:
Good Morning Gents

      Well it looks like this thread is moving right along, we're getting to know more about each other, that's good.
      Gun Butcher and Kid Terico, we'll keep your family in our prayers , along with all the fighting men and women of our Great Country.

     As far as things I've done or do there are more things I can list that I did than I can do today, but I'm working on that every day, I use to play lead guitar in a few Rock bands, I've been an Archer, even made my own arrows and my last recurve bow I made myself, I was a Quick Draw Artist for several years when I was younger, I love fishing/hunting, or just being in the wild, I love animals, and raised German Shepard's for a while, I had a high bread Wolf that we raised from a pup, and our last dogs were two Rottweiler females, and they were sisters. I enjoy working with wood, or just tinkering in my work shop, I like most music, but I'm really a Mark Knofler fan, of " Dier Straights " and have most everything he has recorded, and then there's guns and leather, anyway that's a little about me.


                  tEN wOLVES     ;) :D ;D


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