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I have a bad time with leading using HB bullets and smokelesss powders. anybody else?

Jeepers Creepers! I been gathering up components for my buff rifle (1874 Quigley) and I am having a tuff time finding loads or those BP manuals on the shelfs at the gun stores. I picked up some black powder in 2 types, also some of that "triple seven" and Trail Boss too. I would sure like to find a manual on loads for this rifle and the Rolling Block Creedmoor.

PJ Hardtack:
The 'manual' you're looking for is: "Shooting Buffalo Rifles of the Old West" by Mike Venturino - hunting loads, target loads; all you need to know and more.


PJ, thanks a bunch! I am going to see if Cabela's or who has that manual for sale.

PJ  does that book have anything in it about the paper cartrige rifles like the 1863?


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