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'Frontier Iron' - a New Brand on the Range......


St. George:

You may've noticed a change of the forum's title recently...

The name change came about because of the questions about the 'other' revolvers used during the era.

As a stand-alone forum initially dedicated to the top-break S&W Schofield, it was becoming filled with top-break questions, since folks own 'em and like 'em, so changing the name and focus was a simple thing to do...

With luck, there'll be more historical information being shared on the 'Frontier Era' revolvers  that weren't Colts and Schofields.

This'll include the Hopkins and Allens, Iver Johnson's, Forehand & Wasdsworths, Merwin, Hulberts, Bulldogs of all stripes, and so on and so forth.

Remember - do your research and back up your information and it'll certainly be appreciated.


Scouts Out!

Mustang Gregg:
St George:

This a cool idea!


Boss Melton:
So- if this is where I sign up for BOSS, here I am. I'm Boss Melton, SASS #99363, and I have a New Model #3 in .44 Russian, a #3 Frontier Double Action in .44-40, and a 2nd Model Schofield (US marked). I'm hoping someone here can take the Schofield's serial # and tell me where it served.


St. George:
Actually - you sign in to the 'BOSS Membership Roster' - immediately below this topic.

Scouts Out!

sounds good


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