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NRA PPITH and PPOTH Instructor Courses


Terry Lane:
Howdy all. Don't know if this an acceptable post for this forum as it doesn't pertain directley to a CAS shoot but to an event at one of the ranges. And we will be doing LOTS of shooting. If not acceptable, just delete it.

I'm conducting NRA Certified Instructor Courses in Personal Protection Inside The Home (April 18 and 19) and Personal Protection Outside The Home (May 9-10) at the Heartland Shooting Park in Grand Island and still have a few slots open. You must be a current  NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor to take the PPITH and be both Pistol and PPITH Certified to take the PPOTH. Cost is $250.00 per course. If you're interested, contact me immediately by pm or e-mail.

Thanks and take care. 

Dalton Masterson:
Perfectly acceptable post Terry! Anything Nebraska related is welcome here.

Wish I could be there, but I have no NRA certification, yet. I do plan on it sometime tho.


River City John:
I would be more interested in info about the CCW courses for Nebraska certification you were offering.

(If I am mistaken, excuse my confusion and if possible, steer me towards correct resources.)

(Also, is Prairie Rose still the best vendor offering repair and resole of CAS footwear in Nebraska? Still through The Fort?)




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