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The Arapaho Kid:
Didja ever notice in those old B Western Movies from the 40's and the 50's that those fellers could shoot 29 or 34 shots out of a six shooter...before they tossed it, empty, at the other guy?  And didja also notice when there was a fist fight...someone could get punched right in the chops and his hat never came off.  And didja also notice that when the good guy was fighting the bad guy and the were out on the prairie...there was always a cliff and the bad guy got punched off of it, or he fell off of it?  And didja also notice...the good guys always hat white, or light colored hats and the bad guys had the dark ones?  Were those old "shoot 'em up" Westerns stereotyped....or what?  In all those Westerns...I don't ever recall seeing anyone actually load a weapon and I don't recall ever seeing someone's hat sailing off when they took one in the moosh!  I always wandered why the hats never went sailing.  They didn't have super glue back then and I doubt they were held on with thumbtacks. ???  I don't remember ever seeing Roy, Gene, or Hoppy's hat go sailing off when they got punched!

Foothills Drifter:
It's the mistik of the old west  :o we will never know  ::)

Good shootin......
Vern... 8)

Forty Rod:
Item 1.

I saw Roy fighting with a bad guy once.  Ol' Roy was wearing a red and white checked shirt with white fringe.  He and the BG went rolling down a hill, through some brush and the BG must've hit Roy one heck of a shot while they were out of sight for a second or two.

When they came out at the bottom, Roy still had his hat on, his guns were still in the holsters, but the red checks had been knocked plunb off of his shirt.  It was all white ecxept for some red piping on the seams.

I wanna be as tough as Roy some day.

Item 2.

How come the good guys never jump from their horse to the BG's horse and fight until they knock the BG off? Not even in Rustler's Rhapsody.

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'Fess up, Kid. You're really Andy Rooney, aren't you?  ;D

West Longer:
I always got a kick out of the cowboys slinging their guns as if they were helping the bullets
come out of the gun. ;D
And throwing the gun at the guy after it was empty. ::)


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