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Patches McDuff:
Howdy folks! Sorry to dump all this over here but I figured I'd best get to it if my inspiration shorts out TFS again  :-\

Any comments or feedback is welcome :)


Welcome to the small group of multiple board users Darlin'.  And so nice to see you again.   :D

Patches McDuff:
Thankee darlin  :-* Reckon I got more'n one electronic version ova notebook now ;D Kinda like it LOL


El Peludo:

Well, howdy, Miz Patches,  you been a mite scarce, lately.  Glad to see you are still about and out, and that you found this here waterin hole.

Your story is coming along well, it appears.  I am a patient man, and can wait on your inspirations to take shape.  I do really enjoy them.

Don't be a stranger; this is a friendly place.

Patches McDuff:
Thank you Darlin :) Glad to be here. Reckon I'll be hangin about much more. Like I said LOL every time i get inspired TFS goes down.  :-\

Its a wonderful thing to have this place too :)


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