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Shooting Sticks, What do you use?

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With a couple discussions here the last couple weeks on shooting sticks I thought maybe a thread showing what we use would be helpful.  I that BPC Sil. has some specific rules, but outside of that what do you use.  Had some time this week recovering from some surgery so I drug out mine and took some pictures,  I made these in 1995 and use them with the Sharps as well as a Savage 99 and a rebarreled Low-Wall in 22 Hornet for varnmint shooting.

These are made out of 3/4 inch oak dowels 36 inches long.  I have found the small family owned hardware stores are more likely to have them than the big mega stores.  I have made a couple sets of these for friends and have made them different lengths to suit the height of the person.  I also have a short set made to shoot prone, but they are in the shed right now I I don't feel like digging for them.  I put some stain I had around on them and added some boiled linseed oui on top.

The leather pads are 4 inches long and are made of oil tanned leather that was stitched on wet that shrank to hold tight.  The bolt through it started out as 2 inch hex head 1/4 inch in diameter and with 1/2 of an inch of thread on the end.  I chucked it in a drill press and gave it a round head with a file and cut the slot.  The winngnut and the bolt were cadium plated and I took them outside and heated them of to burn the plating off.  (Do not breath the fumes.)  They were wire brushed and coated with oil which was burned off to blue them 

Both sticks were drilled 5/16th inch  and a 3/4 inch long bronze bussing 1/4 inch ID and 5/16 OD was epoxied in place to prevent wear.

I cut two 16P nails 4 inches long and drilled the bottom of the sticks 2 inches deep and epoxied them in place.  These have worked well for me

Deadeye Don:
Del,  Those look really good and should give others a template to make their own.  The wing nut you used is a good idea too in that you can adjust the height somewhat by simply spreading the legs out further.  The oak dowels might be the hardest componant to find, especially for those of us that only have mega stores near us.  I suppose we could use pine dowels, but they probably would not be as sturdy.  Hope you recover quickly from your surgery.   Deadeye.

I am still not sure if the wingnut is Period Correct, but I made it look hand forged with a hammer and a file. ;D   I'm lucky I have several family owned hardware stores in town, two new ones in the last year or so.  You might try a small town, most of those still have them. 


Silver Creek Slim:

Here are my sticks. I made 'em from some 1" oak strips I had laying around. I used a black leather belt that wasn't being used fer the strap to rest the rifle on.

The bottom "spikes" are metal door stops that I ground the tips down.

It ain't authentic but it works fer what I need it fer.  ;)


Pappy Morgan:
These are the shooting sticks that I use. I made them from Hickory broom handles. I drilled several holes about two thirds of the way down, and joined them with leather lacing. I used a leather strap about four inches wide for the rifle to rest on and laced it to slide along the sticks. I use a piece of leather thong to hold them in place, but I can move them to what ever height I need. I drilled the ends and used 6 inch by 1/4 lag screws and grounds of the heads to points. I did some bead work and added some things that I have received from the shoots I have been to. I get alot of compliments on them.


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