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Closing in on a potential problem

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Doc Shapiro:
The problem I have with the FS is that there are too many forums.  I don't have long each time I sit down at the computer to check messages and don't want to wade through several forums looking for a post to respond to.  As a result, I don't look at those boards very often.  I'm probably missing posts that I'd find interesting.  That's pretty frustrating,

We're hitting that point here on CAS City.  Too many forums.

I really like the way the Wire is set up.  While there are a bunch of posts that I'm not interested in, I don't worry about missing something that I am.  They're all in the same place.

Trying to accomodate everyone's needs and we'll end up with another FS. 

I woke up this morning to a new BP Forum.  That means there'll be a Smokeless one coming next.  Where is this going to end???? 

Doc (what thinks too many options isn't a good thing) Shapiro

Marshal Halloway:


In Forum Hall, I have set up an option to make sure there is no frustration.

If you look at

you'll find the feature about notification. The idea with this is to avoid spending time browsing through boards to look for topics. A click on the link in an email and you get right on to the topic or a reply to a topic you subscribe to.

In regards of the number of boards, there is a limit and this limit in the future will depend on the interest and the traffic.

Thank you for your feeback.

Doc Shapiro:
That wasn't quite what I was getting at!

What I'm suggesting is that by segregating posts into multiple boards in an attempt to organize, it's more time consuming to go through the posts to find something of interest.  Especially when there aren't 3-400 new posts a day!

What I am suggesting is that there isn't a need to break it up into so many different boards when there aren't very many new posts each day. 

Usability!  The more clicks it takes me to go through the site to find what I am looking for, the less likely I am to use it.  Now that's a general statement, but it applies to TFS and if more boards show up here it will apply as well.

Doc (what likes the simplicity of the Wire better) Shapiro


Doc, I agree, on TFS, I rarely look at some of the forums, usually only look at three. I, like you, am probably missing out on something we might have interest in, but don't see. Here I look at the Longbranch and SASS, rarely look at the others.

Big Hext Finnigan:
While I agree that too many rooms can make for a lonesome night, the "organization" of TOB is in many ways havoc.  You may have to look back page after page after page, to stay on current posts.

I don't want to see too many rooms created, either.  I'll tell you as for the Longbranch, I intend to just let them all ride.  I will split them off, when a new tangent has clearly started, but that's all, far as I'm concerned.



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