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Stoney Pete:
The did what to her? >:( >:( >:(

Can we go back to the moutains, revive them and kill them again, then revive them just so we can kill them again?  and again and again?

You invoking strong emotion pard.  Keep it comming.

El Peludo:
Well, Sarge, you had me hooked by the second or third installment.  This is good.  Keep up the good work.  And, watch your own backside, over there; and get home safe.

El Peludo:
  ;)  ;D

Okay!  Now you really went and did it!  As I read todays episode, my gut got all tingly, and tightened up as if it was me in that cockpit.  What a thrill.  Now what !?! !?! !?!   ;D


Brazos Bucky Smith:
Yep, I too keep checkin' for the next installment! :o  I will be lookin' forward to your description and tidbits of history on the P-40.  Great looking warbird, but most of what I've read about it was that it was overshadowed by the zero, P-38 Lightning, the F-4U Corsair, P-51 Mustang, etc. etc. I'd like to hear some good things about it!!  Also, is the budding relationship between Tip and Helene over with his escape?  Hmmmm, have to wait and see!  Great story!

BB  ;)

Stoney Pete:
modern day dog fight.   ;D ;D

Keep it up.


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