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Thats right folks, the first time she went into the mountains after him, she took a shovel "Then I will bury him".  Recovering in Shiraz, she mentioned it as well, ("I brought a shovel.") making him gag.  He later joked with her about it. ("Maybe you'll finaly get to bury me.")  There's a bit of Shakespeare in it as well:  "I come not to praise Ceasar, but to bury him."

Due back September 05, due to retire then after 20 years Naval Service.  Heading up to Kuwait in a couple of days for 2 weeks, to train reservists in boat operations.  Christmas in a desert tent this year.

I've been approached by the Army about a possible conversion, perhaps a warrent Commission.  Be another 3 years most likely, with a tour in Iraq.  Thinkin' about it. . .

Stoney Pete:
 I understood the significance of the shovel, just did not realize you wasn't bringing us along on her search for him.  I've heard it said, "Leave 'em wanting more."    I want more.  Great ending though.  It's one that allows the reader to use his/her own imagination.

I wish you all the best in your retirement or conversion decisions.  I hope to see more stories from you in the future.

Brazos Bucky Smith:
Howdy Drydock,

I'll second that!  Enjoy whatever you decide to do! wether it is three more years of Military life (or more), civilian life in retirement, or writting.  but for us, keep writting, I too, will be looking for your future books.  Merry Christmas  ;) to all of you serving in that theater!  God bless you all.




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