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The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: I really need a 1876 mag tube?
« Last post by yahoody on Yesterday at 11:31:41 PM »
gotcha, thanks.
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: I really need a 1876 mag tube?
« Last post by greyhawk on Yesterday at 11:10:35 PM »
>just goes to show its never safe to assume stuff - I eyeballed these from ten feet and thought they all same

I did as well.  I have Browning '86 tubes.  But foolishly gave away my '76 short mag tube that I could have used.  Surprised me the '86 tube wouldn't work as I am using cut down 45-70 brass.

I'll keep looking for that curtain rod.

Is the "Home maker" store an actual chain store?  I tried Lowes, no go.  Home Depot is next.

nah we have "Spotlight " downunder (woulda called it haberdashery store in the old days I think) ..sewing stuff , all kinds of cloth, curtain material, soft furnishings, crafty supplies ....  first place we go look for cloth patching material for the front loader guns.     
The Winchester Model 1873 / Re: Traditional Front Sight
« Last post by 1961MJS on Yesterday at 09:55:19 PM »

I like the factory sights on my new Uberti.  A blade front with a buckhorn sight that's plain ole black with no adjustments or white diamond.  I've been busy, but I might try an Uberti front sight on the Rossi also.

I turned all the Jamison brass rims down to .600 the same size as the Winchester 45-70 brass. They chamber and eject properly now. Anything larger and the rim guide would bite into the brass.

I have not pulled the bolt out of the rifle to examine it. I just haven't wanted to break the rifle down that far yet. I will some time in the future. Since trimming the rims down on the Jamison brass the rifle seems to be functioning ok now. I will go to the range again before too long and will report back then.

Thank you gentlemen for the assistance. You guys are the best!
Uberti, Pietta and other SAA Clones / Re: Afraid to shoot it
« Last post by RRio on Yesterday at 09:31:57 PM »
Shoot it and enjoy it. Life is too short to "save" it because it "might" be worth something in the future. Enjoy it now!    :D
Uberti, Pietta and other SAA Clones / Re: Fred Dodge / Wyatt Earp look-a-like
« Last post by RRio on Yesterday at 09:28:16 PM »
It's my new favorite shooter. Hard to miss with it.  ;D
Colt Long Gun Clones / Thunderbolt Outing
« Last post by RRio on Yesterday at 09:25:47 PM »
My son and I had an outing yesterday. I wanted to put my Thunderbolt and some newer guns through their paces. First off the newer guns, which consisted of a brace of 1872 Uberti Colts which performed without flaw and my new Fred Dodge/ Wyatt Earp replica. I totally enjoyed all three of them.
Then came the Thunderbolt. I am happy to announce that after an initial bobble (no fault of the Thunderbolt) it performed flawlessly as well. I had a ball with it, and was quite impressed with it's accuracy. The only regret, I forgot to bring my camera. Oh well, next time. Then we went and had breakfast in our favorite cafe in Florence. All in all, a very good day. ;D
An original M76 Winchester I had in .45-60 required .45-70 brass to have the rims thinned somewhat. (Sorry, I don't recall how much I had to thin them.) This was done from the front of the rim. I also seem to recall having to run the brass (after shortening) all the way into my .45-70 sizer die, so I couldn't use the shell holder, but use a bench vise, and then knocked the case out with a wooden dowel.  I had a similar problem with a .33 WCF. This only has to be done once.  I don't recall having to reduce the diameter of the brass (Winchester brand, IIRC).
Sorry, I made another post not long ago about getting a new-to-me Chaparral 1876 rifle.

Yes, the Jamison case rim is larger than the Winchester brass 45-70 cases I cut down to the 45-60 length. The Winchester 45-70 case rim is .600 and the Jamison 45-60 case rim is around .680. They are Ten X rounds made for the 45-60 WCF. I would think they should chamber if they are made specifically for the 1876 rifle in 45-60 caliber.

I have trimmed the case rims on the Jamison rounds I shot to the same size as the Winchester 45-70 cases but have not yet loaded them or tried to chamber one.

Buckaroo Lou,
First off, I have a Chaparral 45-60 and use 45-70 trimmed cases.  I have never encounter Ten X or Jamison brass.  The rim diameter that the Chaparral pamphlet lists is the same as the original Winchester -- 0.629".  That Jamison rim diameter is totally off or out of spec, if the 0.680" diameter is correct. If it is correct, then I can understand why your bolt and guide tab is making those dents.

You stated that you reduced the Jamison to the 45-70 diameter.  I hope you did not do all of them.  It would be nice to see if a piece cut to the proper 0.629 or slightly smaller, would function and eject better, than the extremely small diameter of the 45-70 brass.

My biggest issue with the Chaparral rifle, I bought/received was excessive extractor to bolt face gap.  I corrected that by installing a WinchesterBob 1876 extractor that resulted in a correct 0.060" gap.  But the ejection of brass was still weak because the tab was not pushing of the bottom on the rim.  As an experiment, I was able to extrude the rim diameter to 0.620" before the rim thickness of Winchester/Remington 45-70 brass got too thin.  These attempts still resulted in weak ejection from the rifle.  As I stated above, it would be nice to see if a piece cut to the proper 0.629 would function better.

While I was typing this reply it came to me -- Could your 'bolt guide tab' have been 'welded up' to give been contact for use with the standard 45-70 rim diameter?  This would cause the dents in the Jamison brass even if the rim diameter was close to the original 0.629".  (EDITTED --- Sorry missed DJ posting comments before typing this line.)

Good luck with your rifle.  It sounds like it is a good shooter so far.
:)  Lou  ;)

It also appears the base of the case is oversize to the chamber (Bears witness marks).

Something is also not concentric between bolt face and chamber, I'm just no sure what.

Coffinmaker, I can insert one of the Jamison cartridges into the chamber all the way to the rim with ease. It is only as the bolt face engages the cartridge that the problem exists. I was loading them into the rifle this way as a single shot instead of loading them into the mag. tube because I was trying to determine what the problem was.
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