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BROW / Re: New Shiloh #3
« Last post by LonesomePigeon on Today at 01:25:40 AM »
Just fantastic.
The Longbranch / Lets pitch in and buy Founders
« Last post by Professor Marvel on Today at 12:39:16 AM »
Looks the the Wild Bunch messed up … the agreement of ~march 2021, wherein “founders 2” took over operations from founders llc
And continued to run foundrs ranch as a shooting , film, and event venue, whilst negotiating to purchase….

Around Dec 2021 founders llc pulled out of the deal, apparently did not like the negotiated purchase price

and founders ranch closed up.
The ranch went on the market for over $3 mill ( 3.2 ish? )

Then off the market…
Then back on the market again:

Price history

Date   Event   Price

3/30/2022   Listed for sale.       $3,650,000

6/9/2022       Price change.      $2,999,000

11/18/2022   Price change.  $2,500,000

11/26/2023   Price change.  $1,950,000

Source: SFARMLS #202201005

Looks like the Wild Bunch shoulda taken the first offer!

Hey maybe we should Wait a bit longer
and we can start a “Go Fund Me”.
Play cowboy again.
Make our own movies.
“We can use my barn.”  ( mickey rooney )

I wonder how all those “life members “ feel…

Prof grumpy
Tall Tales / Re: May we move on, for coffee and chat ?
« Last post by Professor Marvel on Today at 12:00:28 AM »
And we can blame bugs bunny in his irony and the ignorance of the great unwashed for changing the meaning of nimrod from
“Mighty hunter”
“Complete idiot”

Ain’t irony grand? Especially when lost on the listener?

And chief archaic vocabulist

Prf muMbles
The Barracks / Re: Grand Army of the Frontier / medals
« Last post by Professor Marvel on Yesterday at 11:52:33 PM »
Ping and port scans show is “up”
Whois shows it is “supposed to be” in arizona

traceroute show that it is refusing tcp connections.

So we can surmise that it is “comatose” … alive but not talking

Prof mumbles
The Barracks / Re: Grand Army of the Frontier / medals
« Last post by Abilene on Yesterday at 10:53:48 PM »
I just checked on my laptop and no joy on the website.
The Barracks / Grand Army of the Frontier / medals
« Last post by Snake Oil on Yesterday at 10:39:52 PM »
I was trying to get onto the Grand Army of the Frontier website at and I couldn't connect. It was on my phone, so that might be part of the problem, but I'm curious if anyone else is having trouble?

The reason I was looking was to identify which medals we could wear on a uniform, I am seeing a lot of marksmen badges and a few sharpshooter badges, and in a few cases both together. There are some from US volunteers and a lot from the Pennsylvania National Guard.
Tall Tales / Re: May we move on, for coffee and chat ?
« Last post by Delmonico on Yesterday at 07:28:06 PM »
Got a build up heading in, not tornatic yet, likely not going to be. 

Went to the surgeon today, released me, I can now lift over 25 pounds but I'm still not supposed to by other Drs. ;D

Rita wanted frozen Jimmy Dean pancake batter covered dog on a stick for supper.  Fine, I bought two chopped steaks and making a couple sorta, kinda burgers. 

Just started rumbling.
The Longbranch / Re: Sharps pistol
« Last post by Reverend P. Babcock Chase on Yesterday at 06:30:47 PM »
Howdy Kent,

Congratulations. My experience was almost like yours. I wanted a Sharps 4 holer for years. Finally got a deal on a couple of small .22 spur trigger guard revolvers with a Sharps just like yours as part of the deal. A dealer took the two revolvers off my hands for more than I paid for all three shooters, so, my Sharps was free.

Rev. Chase
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Closest Substitute for Unique
« Last post by Mako on Yesterday at 06:08:44 PM »

I have watched for a while with interest hoping someone would answer who is actually shooting pistol or shotgun powders in .45-70 loads.  You will often get as many answers as there are days in the month.  The info on GMDR looks like it might be good BUT, when I see loads for 300 gr bullets with
Tight Group, Bullseye and Tight Wad I get a bit ummm (call it concerned).

I can tell you what I had to do a few years ago to continue to load large volumes of pistol cartridges that used Unique, HP-38/W231, BE-86 and CFE Pistol.  I finally found two large containers of one powder and was able to find loads for lead bullets in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45ACP, .38 Spl and .44 Spl. that could all use that powder.  I laughingly called it Winchester "Unique" because it worked in so many for "heavier" lead bullets in all of those calibers.

The secret is to find a powder that has a similar burn rate and a similar density.  That will give you a similar volume which is a component of the pressure the load will generate in a cartridge with a fixed volume. The problem I have run into is that the charts from different sources do not always agree, even the charts from companies like Hodgdon don't always agree from year to year.  But, you can look for a trend in agreement.

Look at the portions of four charts below:

You will notice that N340, WSF and Herco seem to switch back and forth.  Now look at this one:

I simply show that to you because it has some more European powders on it and more importantly you see the powders ranked by manufacturer.

Now look at the comparison of the six powders below that chart based on the Volume Measured Density.  You will see that Universal, N340 and even Herco are similar in density while Power Pistol and Win WSF are denser.  And, once again depending on the chart you believe WSF appears to fall in the same range as Unique  while on others Power Pistol is faster.  I can tell you that WSF is a slower powder, but since it is denser you can load it in a small volume case like a 9mm and make your velocities and keep the pressures lower even though that last chart makes it look as fast as Unique or Universal.  I can also tell you Power pistol is relatively "hot" and probably a poor substitute for Unique.  For instance you can't find any shotshell load data for it anywhere.

The shotshell data is another clue to a substitute for Unique or a heavy bullet load (which 300gr is relatively speaking).  If you can load 1-1/8  or 1-1/4 ounces of shot over a load of powder then  you probably have a powder that will perform with a heavy bullet mid-range or low velocity load.  Unique does that and so do the other 5 powders (other than PP) I show.

Where your application is "unique" (no pun intended) is that you are using it in a high volume case (.45-70).  Personally (I'm a bit spooky when it comes to low volume powders in large cases) I would stay away from the faster traditional shotgun powders, all of the "dot" powders, the clays, etc.  except for Universal which used to be called Universal Clays.  That is a very versatile powder like Unique.  WSF is also a "shotgun powder" but slower in the Winchester family. 

I usually use Trail Boss for reduced loads in big cases like .45-70, but I understand it has gotten expensive and very hard to find.  I'm lucky happen to have a big container of it I may never use up.  I shoot a 405gr with BP or Trail Boss.

But when reduced to hunting for ANY powder to shoot, look for similarities like volume and burn rates.  the charts above will give you starting points.  Perhaps some of  the boys who shoot over at the Plum Creek Shooting Society  (I liked it better when it was called the Plum Creek Carriage and Shooting Society, it sort of gave it an air of gentlemanliness) will see your Post.  Ask Abilene if he knows of any cowboys (or cowgirls) over there who shoot those types of loads, He may not now but he used to attend their matches.

Tall Tales / Re: May we move on, for coffee and chat ?
« Last post by Mogorilla on Yesterday at 06:04:03 PM »
Major, i am glad i am not the only person who refers to others as Nimrods.    I always am impressed when someone asks “why did you just call me a Babylonian King?”   Answer “Because Bugs Bunny did.  “
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