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Title: Stoney Greywolf and his Cowboy Poetry
Post by: Marshal'ette Halloway on August 05, 2006, 12:31:03 PM
I got an email from Stoney Greywolf asking me to post one of Cowboy poems here on the forum. In addition to doing that for him, I will add what he wrote me about himself.
From here on out, he will do his own postings and jawin' with ya' all.
 So.. welcome to CasCity Stoney!

Howdy..Stoney Greywolf here. :)
I have written 500 Cowboy Poems and all are based on true to life experiences while being Cowboy for many years.
Obviously there is a lot that goes into anyone's careers, as do mine. And to try to cover all that has happened to me would be too  long of a reply, but as time goes on, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions, as everything is well documented, with photo's names  and other people who saw and shared.
I say all this because I feel it is important for you to know, I'm a real working Cowboy.
I am a Professional Horse Trainer-- Specialize working with Wild Mustangs, Rough Stock, and horses that have been abused, neglected, or had bad owners, and brought them back from harms way.
Known as Nevada's Horse Whisperer, as I'm  firm, yet gentle, and horses are my life. I'm also a Horse Shoer as well, and I offer a full Horse Service to my Customers.
I do Horse Transports, Horse Management and Horse Care and Training  Seminars, Riding Lessons.
I have written over 500 Cowboy Poems based on my experiences from Alaska to Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, California, Idaho,  over the years.
I just connected with a Publisher called Authorhouse Publishing --Dave Pruet, who wants to publish my work, but  and they will assist with Promotions, Marketing , Distribution, Book Signings and TV and radio Shows.
I was injured back in 2003, had leg broke in 6 places, and ankle crushed, so that sat me back and I just started back up January 1st of 2006 .
I have performed my Cowboy Poetry for John Mitchum Memorial ( Robert Mitchums brother) who wrote all the words to songs for John Waynes -- " America Why I Love Her" Album done in 1973. I became friends with the Mitchum family, along with Ben Johnson, who I did a Rodeo called "Cowboy For Kids in 19991 here in Vegas.
I have performed at Tombstone Arizona, Old Tuscon Studios, Movie Western Set -- Universal Studio in Hollywood, Sportsman Lodge in Ventura California, Death Valley Old West Days in November of 2005,  Southern Nevada Horse Shoer Benefit  Trail Ride in Nevada, Laughlin Nevada at Fort Mohave Hotel and Casino 3 year in a row,
Taos Indian Horse Ranch Childrens Benefit, Taos , New Mexico, Nevada State Fair and Nye County Fair,
CNN twice back in November of 2005, and I am the Founder of a Western Heritage Cowboy Venue called WILD WEST  DAYS 2001 which re-creates our American Cowboy and Indian Western Heritage and Legacy.
 I am currently working on the volumes for REFLECTIONS FROM THE WILDERNESS" and Training Manuals, and will be building a website to have additional Links  and Networking, Cowboys helping Cowboys.
I also will be starting back up my Wild West Days -- and getting support from various active Western Groups, to make this more exposed and viable.
I would like to add as a follow up Being A Cowboy is still being done -- just smaller Ranges

                                                           STILL RIDIN  FOR THE BRAND,
                                                           STONEY GREYWOLF BOWERS

 GONNAH MISS YOU COWBOY'S..............................................................................................
                                    It was sundown out here on the Plains,
                                    As the sun was setting slow,
                                    Callin an end to a cowboy day.
                                   And as the Wranglers gathered around,
                                    They heard a Cowboy ridin  slowly in,
                                    Startin to sing.
                                    It was Montana, a real Cowboy,
                                    Ridin todays Range, as a Cowboy of long ago,
                                    For Montana rode Herd many ah Spring,
                                    Course Ole Monty was known to sing to his horse,
                                    Yet this time his song had,
                                    Well Ya  mite say a melancholy ring,
                                    For his voice was hardly heard,
                                    As his whispered song fell softly to the ground,
                                    Ya see this was his last roundup,
                                    The last cattle drive, this Montana knew,
                                    And as he stepped down from the saddle,
                                    Montana traversed lightly, hardly  a sound,
                                    Said howdy boys,
                                    Then  stopped singin, turned with a smile,
                                    Said boys, it sure has been worthwhile,
                                    Just being Cowboy,
                                    Followin a Rainbowed trailed view,
                                    Spring after Spring.
                                    Then as the last Campfire was lit,
                                    Cowpunchers all sat next too it,
                                    Not much conversation was said,
                                    Ifin it was, was quiet and slow,
                                    As each Cowboy stared at fires glow,
                                    All carrying their own memories,
                                    You know, Cowboy Tales and Stories,
                                    For night time  Cow Camps,
                                    Well is the best time to exchange what we know,
                                    Sharin memories, the good, sometimes the bad,
                                    Rememberin of a young Cowpuncher,
                                    Who had rung his last knell,
                                    When horse and rider fell,
                                    Fell to River Canyon far below,
                                    While ridin hard for the lead,
                                    Tryin to stop a thunderous stampede.
                                    Now as they sat near this Cowboy fire,
                                    Montana started recallin,
                                    Trail Drives neath blazin Texas sun,
                                    Punchin cattle thru the Bitteroot freezin snow,
                                    But Monty stopped, and said Ya know,
                                    Tweren't always hard or sad,
                                    For out there you see,
                                    Are us Cowboys, ridin free,
                                    Ridin neath a wide blue Montana Sky,
                                    Crossin sparklin rivers, creeks and streams,
                                    Shaded by tall Evergreens,
                                    And our trails are ridin high and wide,
                                    As we ride, with no trevails.
                                    Course there's nothin as pretty,
                                    Wakin up in Cow Camp,
                                    With campfire smoke still rising high,
                                    The smell of biscuits, bacon, and beans,
                                    And Broomtails ah lollin,
                                    Well sir! Ya know boys,
                                    Ya can't find that in a City,
                                    The Cowboys all smiled, it was understood,
                                    Then Montana slowly stood,
                                    Stretched his tired muscles, looked around,
                                    Mounted up, and slowly rode off,
                                    Without makin a noise,
                                    Then he stopped half up trail,
                                    Turned in the saddle and said,
                                    As he waved his final goodbye,
                                    Sure in blazes Gonnah Miss You Cowboys.
Written by Stoney Greywolf Bowers
Cattle Drive  near Big Timber, Montana, on the Buffalo Gap ----------- 1985 ---- © All my Cowboy Poetry and Native American Narratives are based on well documented and true experiences, I have written for my Books called
Title: Re: Stoney Greywolf and his Cowboy Poetry
Post by: Marshal Will Wingam on August 05, 2006, 05:53:36 PM
Wow. That was good. Thanks for posting it.
Title: Re: Stoney Greywolf and his Cowboy Poetry
Post by: jbowers on August 12, 2006, 08:44:59 AM
Stoney's poem is very descriptive if not colorful.  Makes you feel as if your right there.  Only someone who has lived this life and been there could write in such a fashion.
Title: Re: Stoney Greywolf and his Cowboy Poetry
Post by: stoney greywolf on August 21, 2006, 04:23:12 AM
Wow. That was good. Thanks for posting it.

Thanks Marshall Wingman --much  obliged -- Have to apologize for delay in response to you Pard --- just returned from a Horse rescue project -- 35 horses were involved and  to be  brought back from harms way.

Look forward to Posting with you and others, as I have some questions, and also want to know more about my new found Pards --  RIDIN FOR THE BRAND -- and Thanks again -- Stoney
Title: Re: Stoney Greywolf and his Cowboy Poetry
Post by: stoney greywolf on August 21, 2006, 04:32:22 AM
Stoney's poem is very descriptive if not colorful.  Makes you feel as if your right there.  Only someone who has lived this life and been there could write in such a fashion.

Thanks to my Brother Jim aka as Salty among his friends and Associates --- Jim has long been a Sailor adn Boat Expert of many Years standing ,and Chartered Member of the US Coast Guard Auxillary in Ohio.

Our father was a Pilot in WW 2 - and had a passion for the Skies and Aviation --Jim of course for the Water as a a Seaman, and myself for my land, and beautiful AMERICA as a working Cowboy.

So much obliged "Salty"  and to everyone -- We all are truly God Blessed Roots of America --you bet.
Title: Re: Stoney Greywolf and his Cowboy Poetry
Post by: stoney greywolf on January 27, 2008, 08:52:19 AM
Howdy Folks -- Have to apologize for being away so long --- Life has a way of muddying up the water and before ya know,
you are swept down stream taking care of business.

I've been dealing with severe Double Diabetes 2, ( Uncontrolled Sugar )  -- Sure knocked me out of the saddle for a spell, but I'm back on my feet -- and still punchin again first of the year.

I've retired from Horse Shoeing, but still work a horseback, handling and training  Rough Stock -- and Mustangs -- and out of control horses.. You know the type, horses some folks call PETS.

My Cowboy Poetry is being ready to be Published by March 08 -- Reflections From The Wilderness as well as my Horse Training and Horse Management Manuals.

Look forward to Posting with my Cowboy and Cowgirl Friends --- Still RIDIN FOR THE BRAND --

Title: Re: Stoney Greywolf and his Cowboy Poetry
Post by: stoney greywolf on November 10, 2008, 07:49:27 AM
Howdy Marshall and Others on this wonderful Board --

I am back, full speed, and will be sharing my Cowboy Poetry ... and other news and information, and about  WILD WEST DAY, which is up and running as well.

Will Update everyone, on a regular basis -- Thanks Pards --