Blue River Regulators "Ruckus at Raccoon Forks" Registration

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Yuma Kid:
The Blue River Regulators' proudly present the registration for our 17th annual "Ruckus at Raccoon Forks".  It will be held from September 10th through the 12th. Catered lunches Saturday and Sunday are included in the registration fee. Also free breakfast at the range on Saturday and Sunday! Side matches on Friday afternoon. Awards and Door prizes! Juniors Shoot Free! No registrations will be accepted after September 4, 2021.
Ya come out for a Great Time.
Sadly Nebraska will be playing a home Football game on Saturday which makes hotel and motel rooms scarce and pricey. You might consider camping at the range or local campgrounds.

Dusty Tagalon:
Rearranged my schedule with the VA, now drive shuttle on Tuesday. Made reservations in Lincoln, so registration mailed.
Saturday, will rotate through 6x revolvers, 6x different calibers, had fun doing it at Nationals!

It was a great shoot.   Thanks to all the Blue River folks who worked hard to put on a great shoot.   Breakfasts and lunches were great and the people to eat with the best.    Sorry I blew out quickly after lunch, but made it home to start the 3rd quarter of the Chiefs game.    Have not missed watching one with my wife in a couple of decades.   

Tascosa Joe:
+1 to what Mo said.  The BRR did an outstanding job again.  Good range, good food, and best of all good people.  Thanks to the BRR for another great shoot.
 We became Chief's fans after Mahomes was drafted.  I watch the games with Books via txt.  ;D

ira scott:
The main thing that makes this shoot special for the BRR members who help host the shoot is all the great people who invest the time, money and effort to make the trip to attend!  The combined efforts of Rocky and River City John writing the scenarios and setting up the stages, made this shoot "interesting"!

Thanks for the kind words,  it's nice to know our efforts are appreciated.

B.N. Scotty



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