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   I am thinking of changing the date of the buff shoot to oct. 9-10 . Would this be a game changer good or bad for anyone. It is now scheduled for Sept 25-6. Please chime in as your input will have an effect on the outcome.     jt

Major 2:
I'm thinking the Buffalo would apricate the stay of execution's   ;D 

Works for me, not sure of anything on my busy social calendar.  I am lunching with the Rockerfellers the following weekend and tea with the Queen of Norway three days before, so all good.    Wooly Dan and I have already “cut” up a buffalo, we are cooking a buffalo tongue friday night at the GAF Mustard.  Oops, muster.  Mustard is for the tongue.   

I am thinking happy hour and forums may not be a great combo.   ;D

Wooly Dan:
I do have something going on Oct 10, but if I can shoot through on the 9th no problem. 


  We can do that



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