NCOWS National Match 2021

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  For info on Motels see the Marshalls column in the winter 2020 Shootist, if you don't have it, call me. If you are going to shoot long range on Wed call me for a time slot to shoot so you don't have to stand around all day to shoot. DO NOT call me until you have sent in your registration.    jt   (620 256 5866)

   Just a heads up to those who are going to shoot long range. The Range is set up with targets at 50 yard intervals out to 500 yd.
   for big bore you should be ready to shoot out to 500. for lever gun probably 300.
   Just tryin' to even the score to those who shoot this range 2x a month.    ;)    jt

Tascosa Joe:
I received the first 2 registrations today.

Yuma Kid:
My registration will be in the mail tomorrow!!

River City John:
Do we know whether there will be 10 or 12 stages?



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