Author Topic: 1860 Henry Shooter Roll Call (JOIN HERE)  (Read 241084 times)

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Re: 1860 Henry Shooter Roll Call (JOIN HERE)
« Reply #440 on: May 13, 2024, 07:23:44 PM »
:) Hey Griff  ;)
I full well understand your desire.  Me TWO.  However, Don't hold yer breath.  You won't look good in "Dead Blue."  Unfortunately, in all the years I had my Shingle out, I never saw an "Iron Frame" 1860 Carbine.  "If" Uberti makes it for you on special order, you'll be stuck running 45 Schofield cases with 200Gr length or shorter bullets to load 10.  Yule only be able to get Nine and a Half 45 Colt to load.  Bummer.
Coffinmaker, thinkin' positively, WHEN it happens, it's immediately going to Cody for his slickin' up, and installing a C45S carrier.  Since it's likely to happen around the time I win the LOTTO, I'll have lots of time to practice and I'll become the Holy Terror (winningest SASS shooter of all time) of Frontiersman! 
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