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Tom Berenger 1996 Avenging Angel

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Tuolumne Lawman:
I recently re-watched Berenger in Avenging Angel.  It had been years since I had watched it, and I really enjoyed it.  While a little loose on History, it is one of my top dozen Western films.  I like Berenger, I like his 1860 Henry (which the follower showed was actually loaded), I like his 8" barreled S&W No.3 American, and I loved his Avenging Angel 3" 1860.  Being a US History teacher for 7 years, much of the History (including the Danites and assorted scrapes with the government)  was within reasonable boundaries of literary license.

It is one of my faves as well.  Berenger is believable in a western, not a lot of actors fit that bill

Tuolumne Lawman:
Yep, I agree.  He was good in "Johnson County War" and "Rough Riders," also.

Major 2:
In my career I had the pleasure to work on several Berenger films.

including AA , made the Avenging Angel 1860 for James Coburn ...
Rough Riders
Into the West
and "One Man's Hero"

I did not get to do  Last of the Dogmen  or Hatfields & McCoys ( May be his best piece of work )


Hill Beachy:
All good films and a very underrated actor.  But I still like "Rustler's Rhapsody" best of all.

When I first started shooting CAS, one of the fellows in the club had the alias "Rex TSC."  I asked him once what the TSC stood for, and he responded "Rex The Singing Cowboy" which is when I learned about the movie. 



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