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Polish em up bright and show them off here!!! (pic posting thread)

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SGT John Chapman:
I use NEVR-DULL,..................    http://www.nevrdull.com/

Works fast,......and stays around quite a while,........

Capt, Woodrow F. Call:
 :o :o :o :o :o :o 8)  Migthy fine engraved henry.... :o

Capt: Call

I don't have a Henry, but I do have a YELLOW BOY.  I may have to start saving a little money for a Henry now.  I love those engrave receivers...

Thanks for sharing.


Seeing as how the tag line of this forum says "Improved Henry" rifles are also allowed, here's a pic of me shootin' my main CAS rifle - Uberti Model 1866 in .45 Colt.  I don't keep the brass shined up, though - don't want her glinting and flashing in the sun, giving my position away to the hostiles ....

Steel Horse Bailey:
Gee, Col. Riddles ... thanks for ruining it for the REST of us!!! ::) ;)  Seriously, you have GREAT reason to be proud of your rifle as does your friend. 

Mine's more like RJ - an improved Henry that was shined last year.  I hadn't shined it in years - like RJ said, I didn't want to attract the hostiles - but when I took off the wonderful  Eye-tralian red stain and polyu. coating, it looked so purdy I had to shine it.

I'm not clever enough to post a picture.     YET!


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