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Buckaroo Lou:
Here is a really terrific looking USFA Pre War and well above my pay grade.


Dave T:
Lou, the prices for USFA single actions in general and particularly for the higher end, less encountered models have gone bat guano crazy.  I have a Pre War USFA with all US sourced parts and the less encountered black powder frame.  I paid hundreds of dollars less than half of what that seller is asking.  At the time (2-3 years ago) I thought I was a bit crazy for spending $2K on a revolver but in retrospect it was a good deal.

I would like to have a USFA 44 WCF but they are as rare as hen's teeth with gold fillings.  Unless I stumble across a miracle deal I'm never going to buy a USFA single action again.  Just too much money these days.


That's a nice one and I agree, the price is nuts.

I have to take such an issue with something said in the listing. This dumb idea that factory test firing somehow affects the "unfired" status of a firearm. "Unfired" means it's never been fired since leaving the factory. What happened before that is irrelevant.

Colt even test fires new SAA's before the cylinder is finished.

Dave, are you looking for a particular 44 gun (model)?  I have quite a few of them.  Let me know if you would be interested.  Most would be in the 2500.00 dollar range.


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