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2 consecutive numbered iron framed Henrys for sale

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Professor Marvel:

--- Quote from: Fox Creek Kid on January 13, 2023, 09:04:19 PM ---
I actually owned an Italian repro that the previous owner had not only antiqued, but he also milled a sight slot on the top of the receiver like an early Henry. Far too close to get a good sight picture in that configuration. It was cool however.

--- End quote ---

One could readily change the blade on the rear sight to a peep or ghost ring. There is actually provenace for that, as both were used on crossbows and matchlocks in switzerland.
Prof marbles


 :) Ah Yes My good Perfesser  :D

It was not at all uncommon for Henry Rifles to have some form of rear sight dovetailed into the Receiver.  I've never been able to fathom "why" though as a sight that close is not in focal length.

In todays world, cutting that dovetail is somewhat of a mistake.  SASS doesn't allow rifles with sights mounted to the receiver.  Capital NO NO.  My personal preference on ALL  (four) of my Henry rifles is the flat top Ladder Sight.

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