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.45 Colt smokeless powder

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Just curious as to what smokeless powders some of you might be using in your .45 Colts. Currently I am using Unique. I am not out of it, but might be after loading enough rounds for the next season of shooting.

What else works good?

For what purpose?  My favorite CAS load for .45 pistol is 4.6gr of Clays with a 200gr bullet.  That is Hodgdon's minimum.  Light recoil and empties fall out of the cylinder.  Clays is not available right now, but Clay-Dot is and should be about the same.

I use Red Dot for everything, because that's what I've had.  It works well.

Sagebrush Burns:
W-231 has been a winner for me.

W-231, Unique, Hodgdon's Universal (when available).



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