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AR500 Buffalo target

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Have 3 of these, no problems with my 50-70-630 rounds at 100 yards+.  Good targets at a good price, other sizes available, discount if ordering more than one, free shipping.

pony express:
No problems with the 1/4" warping/cupping? Most AR targets seem to be 1/2" thick, but maybe that would only be needed with full power, jacketed rounds, but not so much with big, relatively slow lead.

Nope, no warping, cupping or dimples.  Shot only with lead alloy at BP velocities.  He has 3/8 and 1/2 as well, price goes up with thickness.


Dave T:

I'm curious how you hang them.  I had a 10" X 3/8" AR500 gong that I hung from a custom welded frame meant to stand up to a tyro's wild shoot from my buffalo rifles (50 2-1/2" SS and 45-70 Gov).  The Big Fifty Sharps knocked that gong ass over teakettle at 100 yards. It landed two feet in front of the stand.  Re-hanging it for every shot was such a pain I gave up on the idea and am looking for a target my Sharps won't dismantle on impact.


I use this stand:  https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1023917733?pid=167338

I use carriage bolts to hold the target to the chains, as the 630 will knock it off the S hooks.


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