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Where would you start?

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Ed Clintwood:
I agree I'd have to observe and shoot first.  But that being said, I like the idea of a .50-90 (until I shoot one perhaps), I've heard good things about the .40-65 and you can get it in a Hi-wall.

Dai---Do some of the reading and then "dive in" and start shooting! Doesn't matter if it's a silhouette shoot, buffalo shoot. long range or just a side match shoot, START SHOOTING!!!
What you will find is all the stuff you read will start to make more sense and you will learn what you need to do firsthand. The other important benefit is it will put you in close contact with other more experienced shooters---always good when you're learning the ropes. Make the most out of the shoots and do not be afraid to experiment with your loading and shooting techniques. Just get out and do it.


By the way, how's that roller project coming?


Jumping right in as you suggest but just for this month I am sidelined. Motorbike accident damaged my shhoting shoulder. Gotta ta\ke it easy for a month.

The roller is comming along. Got tied up getting the woodwork.

Liked the woodwork and the price I saw on Pecatonica Long Arms site.

Maxed out my card so I gave cash to a mate so he could order it for me.

He keeps ringing and getting no answer.

Does anyone out there know this firm. They have a good reputation here.

AS it is I am sitting here with pieces just begging to be put together.

Been taking some photos lately, I'll publish soon so all can see my "baby"



Dai---I can see where my last post may have been a little too blunt, i didn't entirely mean it to be. However, when you do get your rifle together, get your brass in order and load some kind of rounds from the reading you,ve done, get out and shoot it. Don't expect much accuracy from these initial rounds-they're not yet fire-formed to the chamber and the barrel isn't broken in yet. Consider the first couple of hundred rounds as the finishing step in your rifle's assembly, after that, they will start to work as a team with you being the coach. Give yourself a year or longer to get "up to speed" with everything here involved and keep a good accurate log book for everything you load and shoot. Keep reading and trying different techniques to find out what works (or doesn't) for you and your rifle. Good luck!



Your post wasnt too blunt.

In fact what you suggested is exactly how I enter into everything.

Running screaming with both feet first.

This Buffalo rifle thing is one of the few times I have had to wait and I am bursting at the seams to get started.

I have read so much and want to just start practicing.


All your posts are gratefully received by me.


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