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I have always wanted either a '76 or an '86.

The '76 because of the whole Tom Horn history. I can trim brass and load the 45-60 with BP OK, but the '86 is also huge (which is a draw for me) and already is a 45-70 for which I already maintain reloading capability.

So... nodding towards the '86.  I have spotted a dealer online who has several Miroku Winchester '86's, all nice guns. Dealer has no Uberti '86's which are generally a bit less money. Thus my question. Since I have never handled either an Uberti or Miroku '86, are there any major differences between the two besides the tang safety? Neither is "inexpensive".

I own several Uberti Cimarron and Taylors rifles in various calibers and configurations and one Miroku '73, all great rifles. Is this gonna be a six of one, half dozen of the other?


Buckaroo Lou:
I have two 1886 rifles. One is a Browning/Miroku saddle ring carbine and does not have the tang safety, and the other is a Winchester/Miroku in a short (24" barrel) Deluxe Sporting Rifle with tang safety and rebounding hammer. Both rifles are 45-70's and both are excellent shooters and I have never had an issue with either. I do not own but have looked at the Uberti rifles and they are very nice looking rifles. I do know the early Pedersoli rifles had issues but I believe they have since resolved their issues. I really like my Miroku rifles and would not think about trading them for the Italian rifles and if I did not have an 1886 I think I would still prefer the Miroku rifles. Their quality is excellent, and I think they have nicer looking wood than the Italian rifles.

I will say that I do not shoot BP in my 1886 rifles. I have a really good smokeless round worked up that both rifles shoot accurately and well.

King Medallion:
I second the Browning version, I have both Rifle and Carbine, and love shooting both. No experience with any other maker, no need to once you go Browning.

Has anyone tried one of the Turnbull produced '86?  They're pricey, but they look like a great rifle.

I have a Chiappa - its an attractive, solid piece. Needed work to get it functional but a really accurate BP shooter from the start
Shoots a 335grain cast using duplex Blackpowder load just a tad over 1500fps - no intention of hotrodding this or of going to pure smokeless. That load will do anything I ever want from it and the gun should last a hundred years or until somebody forgets to clean it. 

I bought this rifle used from my LGS - original owner had fired 6 shots, "it kicks too much" backtraded it on a lever shotgun - that was the story anyway (like the little car that granny only drove to church on sundays) I got it home and testing with a dummy round was no way this thing would feed from the magazine - round would not go all the way into the carrier - so I was headed back to the shop but decided to see what it would do first

Loaded 10 rounds as above . I used the first three checking sights, one at 17 yards, second at 25 yards, third at 50 yards with minor sight adjustment as we went - then I cleaned it, put a tang sight on zeroed off the barrel sight setting and shot this target at 100 yards with the remaining seven. 

Cold clean barrel is the lone shot high and left - then a three shot group to the right a bit - moseyed up for a look - wow!
back and fired a second three shot group  lower down ----I have difficulty getting the same sight picture if I move off the position I started in - stay put and shoot and it goes ok - would be interesting to figure out what it is that I am doing to disturb things  - anyway the whole 7 shots is not too bad for a first load out of a new gun but those two little three shot clusters was plenty to stop me from taking it back for a refund - I tore it down and fixed it rather than go argue. Happy I did it - told him (LGS) the story, he knows he didnt con me, also knows now that I made it work. Me.? not scared of putting a screwdriver on an 86 anymore - and have an accurate rifle and load that I am confident in.



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