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Dave T:
God has smiled upon me.  The same day I was notified BAC had brass 12 ga shells in stock, which I immediately ordered, I called Huntington Die Specialties and they had one set of the RCBS 12 ga reloading dies to which I said, "I'll take 'em!"

With all this good fortune I am soon to test fire my Beretta double barrel hammer gun, with black powder of course.  Back in my distant pass I loaded Alcan brass shells for CAS matches by gluing the over shot wad in with a few dabs of Elmer's Glue.  This time around I got to wondering if there is something better to keep the weight of the shot from breaking the glue seal, say if a shell got dropped.  That happened to me a few times back in the day.

Anyone got a better suggestion for keeping the over-shot wad in there during handling, or against recoil when the first barrel is fired?


Cap'n Redneck:
With brand new 12ga CBC / MagTech all-brass shells I use a piece of fine sandpaper and give it a twist around the inside case-mouth to rough-up the surface a little.

I then use thick 10ga over-powder cards on top of the shot in place of the thin 11ga over-shot cards You'd normally use.
The 10ga cards are best entered into the case-mouth standing on end, and then spun flat by a dowel.

Thick over-shot cards work very well without any glue for CAS-shooting.

For clay-shooting or bird-hunting it is recommended to use as thin an over-shot card as possible, as it will disrupt the shot-pattern the least.

The only time I've ever had an overshot card let go was when I was using sodium silicate (waterglass) and it would get brittle over time if the shells sat unfired for some months.  Since using Elmers Wood glue, all around the circumference, I've never had one fail.

Lucky R. K.:

I have had good luck using a 10 Ga. overshot wad glued in place with hot glue.
Lucky  ;D


 :) DaveT  ;)

Simple, actually.  Don't drop yer Shot Shells  ::) (Snicker Snicker Chortle giggle)

Play Safe Out There



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