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Winchester - Miroku 1873 with black powder?

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Is anybody shooting the Miroku made Winchester '73 with real black powder?

Here is my new to me Miroku(the pic is from the seller).

King Medallion:
No reason not to, thats what they were made for.

Ranch 13:
 I shoot mine in 44wcf with 40 grains of OE 3f under the lyman .430 205 grain bullet cast 16-1 and lubed with Bullshop NASA lube.
 It shoots 10 shot strings just fine, and if you miss the targets at 200 meters, it's not the gun or the load. ;D

I did replace the front sight with a shorter one so it doesn't take all the elevator on the rear sight to make 200 and beyond.

Dave T:
My Miroku Winchester, a standard rifle, has never fired anything but black powder cartridges.  It never will until I'm in the ground and my wife sells it to someone who is afraid of cleaning guns.  LOL


Why would it be any different than firing BP out of a Uberti?  My Winchester 73 in .44-40 has never fired anything but BP.



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