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Lots of Henries in the movies.

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      Greetings, Folks!

   As I lie here, recovering from the Grip ( COVID-itis ), I've been enjoying immensely the remake of "True Grit"
on Netflix! One or two Henry Patent Rifles to be seen...

                  Be Well!


Rube Burrows:
A lot of the older westerns....esp those made for TV often use 1892s with the forearm removed and the reciever painted gold or sometimes just not painted at all.

Bonanza was esp bad about that. I guess they wanted the look but obviously real Henry rifles were surely too scarce and expensive to use and the replicas were either not around or just getting started depending on year.


As a Patron of the Henry Rifle, I have oft wished someone of late would produce a nice run of 44 Henry Flat Rimfire.  I know of several really nice Henry Rifles in good shooting condition, with no appreciable provenance, that could be liberated now and again for gobs of fun (sigh)

Play Safe Out There

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Drives me nuts to see the Henry being held by a pilgrim in a movie and the follower is next to the receiver OBVIOUSLY showing the rifle empty/unloaded and useless.  ;)


 :) PLUS ONE for Cowtown  ???


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