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Lots of Henries in the movies.

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Tuolumne Lawman:
Been on a binge of Westerns lately.  Noticing lots of Henries and 1866s, too.  Saber River, of course, Godless, Justice. Badlands, The Missing, Shenandoah with Jimmy Stewart, Buffalo Girls, Broken Trail, Lonesome Dove I & II, Silverado and a bunch more.

Nice to see....

Johnson Barr:
Also seems to be a great number of '92's masquerading as Henry's; sans fore end wood with brass looking receivers. Take a close look at Pea Eyes rifle in 'Streets of Laredo'.  Most screen shots go out of the way to hide the loading gate, but the separate mag tube dove tailed at the muzzle end are a dead give away. 

Tuolumne Lawman:
Yep,  IIRC, in Shenandoah there were a couple 92ish faux -Henry rifles, but one looked real.

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 :)  Couldn't Resist   ;)

As an aside, a Henry with a separate Magazine Tube, with a Dovetail Ferule at the muzzle, is actually hystericaly kerekt.  Of course, there was only one, but still . . . .

Play Safe Out There Children

Johnson Barr:
Well then there are those pesky bolt locking lugs popping up through the top of the '92 receiver. A real tell in close-up shots. Once you get caught up in the story such details are only a minor irritation.  Growing up with a 15" B&W set and the post civil war Favor/Yates trail drives the miss cast firearms didn't jump out at me until years later after acquiring period firearms. The '73 Colt SA's and Marlin '94's were well of the time period.   


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