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Blackpowder Burn:
Dave, take a plastic hull, load 60 grains of FFg, then a Claybuster 1138-12 wad, then 1-1/8 ounce of shot.  Crimp and shoot!

You'll get some of the plastic from the wad adhere to the barrel, but a short Moose Milk spray down and soak, then it will push right out with a patch.


 :)  Well Dang   ;)

In all honesty, I find the "Snake Skin" to be a curiosity.  At a couple of points during a Match, I look down the tubes and wonder.  The tubes look like a Sewer Pipe.  Makes one wonder if they will ever clean.

Yep.  The tubes will certainly clean.  Amazing.  At some point the week after a match I remember to clean guns.  I squirt a fair amount of PAM down the barrels an let 'em sit for a couple of minutes then shove a brush, also PAM'd down the bore and PRESTO - CHANGEO .... clean tubes. 

Incidentally - I also have and use some aerosol cans of Windshield Cleaner from the local Windshield repair shop.  At stuff works a treat too.  Healthy squirt down the bores, out it comes.  Then, there is the old standby.  Warm/Hot Water.  Same same result.  No sweaty da. 

Plastic wads give me the "Over-Powder" the "Cushion" and the "Shot Cup" all in one.  Keeps loading All Brass Hulls really really simple and fast.


Stay Safe

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:

--- Quote from: Dave T on January 01, 2021, 05:01:48 PM ---
I have no idea how to do a roll crimp on a paper/plastic shell. Anywhere I can go to learn about this? I don't do well with internet searches. LOL

--- End quote ---

Roll crimps or Hartin crimps are a "nice to know" and not necessary to make sound and fury. Lots of info here on cascity to satisfy your curiosity through the search function. Roll crimps require a roll crimp head, the best is from "precision". The Hartin crimp can be done on a regular press without adjustments. Both are useful if you have 2.5 inch chambers. Over shot cards can be punched from a milk carton with a 5/8" hollow punch.


Black River Smith:

--- Quote from: Sir Charles deMouton-Black on January 01, 2021, 12:34:58 PM ---You can easily load the True Powder in Plastic cases. I pour the powder in separately, with a dipper.

You might have to experiment, but any Remington hull seems to shuck out the easiest for me. You might also try roll crimping or the Hartin crimp?

--- End quote ---

Sir, can you explain or put a link to what you refer to as a 'Hartin Crimp'?  The only thing I can find is a Harting Crimp tool.  But it does not look like something that could be used on shotgun shells. ???  I can roll crimp but have never heard of Hartin Crimps.


Professor Marvel:
Greetings My Good Netizens

Her is the poop on the Hartin Crimp, As our friend Sir Charles posted in the past

Hope this helps

Charles deMouton-Black

Re: Black powder and plastic hulls...
« Reply #16 on: December 30, 2015, 05:09:48 PM »

Here is a quote from a post of mine back in 2008;

"If you have 2 3/4" chambers, star crimps with paper, or plastic work great.  DD has one of your options, that is to get shorter wads.

If you want to try shorter, 2 1/2" cases, but not bother with roll crimp tools, etc., try  the JAM ROLL. Apparently an earlier inventor of this concept was named Hartin, and it can be called the "Hartin crimp".

-Trim cases
-load your favorite recipe.  Adjust the load to leave about 3/8" (Or a bit less) of clearance from the load to the lip of the case
-top the load with an over shot card.  No O/S wads?  For 20 ga., bash some out of a wax paper milk carton with a 5/8" punch.
-Run the loaded case through your shotshell press's crimp start and crimp stations.  I've tested this crimp on a 12 ga. MEC Grabber, and a 16 ga. MEC 600Jr."

From "16ga.com", a thread with visuals (12 Dec15, on page two)


The result is that the folds of the case mouth are turned in on the O/S wad, which is still visible as a star shape.  A bonus is that the plastic doesn't get heat hardened and the case can be re loaded many more times.


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