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I thought I had more Winchester hulls, but current count shows I have 1 Winchester, about 30 Rem-UMC, about 40 Alcan, and 6 Rocky Mountain Cartridge.  The Alcans use special primers that look like 209's but are smaller.  Winch and REM-UMC are the same size, and same as Magtech.  The Alcans are somewhere between the REM-UMC and RMC in thickness, although it is hard to tell in the photo.  The RMC can be easily seen to be thickest.  Even the thin hulls last nearly forever if the mouth is never crimped.  Some of my hulls have been loaded over 50 times.  A couple had a small split when I got them, but so far only a single hull has had that split get larger.  Of course, they are a bit slower loading into the shotgun chambers when there is no crimp, but I'm not out for speed when using these.  :)


 :)  Hey Abilene  ;)

Ditto!!  I've been loading the same pile of Magtech hulls for several Lustrum.  Never had one split.  Never had to resize one (unless some ham hock stepped on one).  I still have 75 New in Box just incase.  Never needed em.

Have Fun Out There.

PS:  At my age, speed is now an oxymoron.  Fast is some humorous.  I still get to the end of the stage though.


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