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Dave T:
It would appear that like most ammunition and primers, 12ga brass shotgun shells are a thing of the past. I spent a good part of yesterday looking for a box (even used ones) but came up empty handed. I had no idea there was that much jewelry made from shotgun shells! LOL

If anyone here has some used 12ga brass shells they've given up on, or if anyone knows of a source please speak up. Other wise I'll not be buying that double hammer coach gun I have my eye on. Ya can't buy regular shotgun ammo and if I can't load BP, the heck with it. (sad face goes here)


Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
You can easily load the True Powder in Plastic cases. I pour the powder in separately, with a dipper.

I haven't looked for brass cases recently as I seem to have a lifetime supply. Old paper shells are as PC as brass, actually moreso, but hard to shuck-eject. I have some Remington NITRO 27 in gold coloring that I use. Don't bother with cheep discount hulls as they pinhole way too soon.

You might have to experiment, but any Remington hull seems to shuck out the easiest for me. You might also try roll crimping or the Hartin crimp?


--- Quote from: Sir Charles deMouton-Black on January 01, 2021, 12:34:58 PM ---... have some Remington NITRO 27 in gold coloring that I use....

--- End quote ---

When I load in plastic hulls, that is what I use.  They look sort of like brass shells.  :)  I can get at least 5 loadings using real BP.  I'll use the similar green STS if I run out of gold ones.

I have an unopened box of REM-UMC brass hulls that I am saving.  I figure the value will only go up.

Dave T:
My only experience loading black powder in 12ga was with a bunch of old Alcan brass 12g shells I found at a gun show back about 1986-87. They took a special size primer (can't remember the particulars now) but I found a 1000 of them in a shop that specialized in shotgun stuff. Still had all the brass and a couple hundred primers left when I sold off all that stuff to start my own business in 1995.

I have no idea how to do a roll crimp on a paper/plastic shell. Anywhere I can go to learn about this? I don't do well with internet searches. LOL



 >:(  Harrumpff   >:(

I'm afraid I can't make that Last Great Leap of Desperation.  I don't see Ammunition, Reloading Primers, Percussion Caps, Reloading Brass nor 12Ga Brass as a "Thing of the Past".  Currently in short supply??  Sure.  Gone forever??  Nah. 

The manufacturers will be working hard to get their production staff back to work and put the goodies we desire back in the supply chain.  It may well take a Day or Six, but it is going to get better.  And Better.

So . . . Go ahead and pick up that coveted Hammer Double.  I did.  I am also about to pick up a nice brandy Knew-Two-Ewe handguns.  Suppository Guns.  Ain't that just about enough to Chap yer As. . . .  Yep.  Suppository Shooters.  Humdingers!!



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