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Took the Shiloh out to the farm today for some sight work.  Very basic loading, the Accurate 51-630r, 20-1 lead-tin, over 70 grains OE 2f, compression die, WLR primer, Starline case.  No wads.  Unsized,  Beeswax/olive oil lube.  Seated over cross sticks.  30" barrel, 1/22 twist.

Recoil: Not bad at all.  Rifle is 11.5 lbs, velocity around 1100 fps.   Shot some 450 goverment loads to warm up/foul, did not seem a whole lot different.  Maybe prone . . .

Initial sight setting (MVA 108) was 25. 100 yard group under 3", 6" low.  Raised to 30, same group, dead on. (Yay!)  Extrapolating from the charts in back of "Black Powder Reloading Primer" Garbe & Venturino,  200 yard setting should hit 15" high over the 100 yard group.  Dialed the sight up to 40.  Same hold, next group 15" higher. 

Now I did not load a lot of rounds, thought I'd spend them figuring out the 100 yard setting.  It was a lazy afternoon, walking back and forth to the 100 yard target.  But all this went a lot easier than I thought it would.  Had 1 round left.  My brother had cleared a lane and hung an AR500 66% ipsc silhouette out at 200 yards the day before.  Leaving the sight set on 40, sighted on it and touched off the last round. A nice solid hit, target and stand fell over.  Another nice walk out to reset it.  I suppose the .50 hits harder than his .223s.

Damn, but the .50-70 is just easy to work with.  Need to cast a LOT more of these big bullets.

Dave T:
I'm not familiar with that bullet but the name seems to imply it is a 630g projectile. Is that right? Seems a little heavy for a 50-70. But then, all my past experience was through a NY Militia Rolling Block and I shot the 425g Lyman bullet over a heavily compressed 65g of FFg GOEX. This was some 25-30 years ago. (smile)



It's heavy all right, but works well in the .50-70 if you've got a fast twist, heavy rifle, and want to go past 200 yards.  Don't shoot it in a carbine!  If you ever want to shoot BPCR Silhouette you need something like this for the .50s, the 450 is way too wind sensitive.  And yes, it also helps to be crazy enough to want to shoot a .50 to begin with! ::)


pony express:
Was sure a nice day for it. Been too busy working on the new house for any shooting here. :(

Dave T:

I asked because I recently purchased a used Shiloh Business Rifle in 50-90 2-1/2" Sharps Straight. One source lists the original factory load being either a "473g greased" bullet or a "540g paper patch". Your 630g seemed outside those perameters, hence the question.

With my aging eyesight and disabled condition I'll never shoot beyond 200 yards if that much. I just want to know what it was like to shoot a Big Fifty buffalo rifle.



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