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Ozark Tracker:
I know the Buffalos were killed with whatever has been available through the ages, but what was the buffalo's hunters most used caliber?

It's most likely the 50-70.

Hemlock Mike:
There was at least 20 BIG calibers available back then for the hunts.  Today, for what we do, the 45-70 is the best first choice for a new shooter.  Try a 45-120 and you will "feel" why you start with the ol' 70  ;D



Hell-Er High Water:
I would guess that the large capacity 45 and 50 calibers holding 70 grains of powder or more were the most popular of the day.

For my long range BP cartridge shooting I shoot mostly the 45-70 but I do shoot some 40-70 Sharps Straight and some 50-70 Gov't.  All three can get the job done but at this time I am just more comfortable with the 45-70, after all I have been shooting this caliber since the mid 1960's.

It will be interesting to see what others shoot and what loads they use.  I'm sure that we all can learn from each other.  I hope that this turns out to be as interesting a forum as some of the others.


Forty Rod:
It's been said that after the Army started supplying buffalo runners with cartridges to kill the big shaggies as a way to fight Indians, that the .45-70 was used almost exclusively. 

The only holdouts were the few professionals who were still hunting for meat and hides and not just killing buff to hurt the Indians.  They stuck to their favorite guns and cartridges whatever they may have been.

Many of those pros went on to kill bear and wolves for the ranchers on a bounty per kill basis, and some hunted Indians for the Army, as well.


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