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Petticoat Posse Call Out!

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1stSgt Fritz King:
Some of the stories are still here. “Anything can happen,” “Missing Angels” and “The Last Patrol” are here. I’ll look around and see if I can find any others.

1stSgt Fritz King:
“At Wit’s End” is also here.

Elegant Ella:
Hi Fritz,
I got a birthday message from CasCity, so I came to look if anything is going on.
I have been thinking about reworking the early Petticoat Posse tales from the SASS Wire. (once something is in my computer, it tends to stay forever, because I keep the hard disk from an old computer as an external drive for a new one).


Elegant Ella:
I have put the beginnings of the Petticoat Posse tales at

Scarlet Angel:
Hi Fritz and Ella,
I think I have the tales saved someplace. I will have to take a look.


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