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Three .38s in one?

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Will Pluggum:
     I was just looking at a cimmeron thunderer ( I think) at a local gun shop and noted the barrel is marked .38 S&W special, .38 COLT.  Now I know the 38 s&w is different from the .38 special.  Is this thing able to chamber all three rounds?  Thats how I'm reading it.   BTW, he's asking $400 for it.  Good fit, soft  blue sheen to the frame, I like it. ;D

Big Hext Finnigan:
What you saw was a Lightning.  The Thunderer comes in 357 mag and up.  The S&W Special and the Special are the same thing.  The Colt is smaller still.  Yes it will chamber the three rounds (cause two are the same ;))

Right now, prices are jumping up like crazy.  So $400, while high to me, could be a good price.  If you have regular to large hands, you willl probably not like this gun as a main match pistol.

Keep handling them purties out there.. You got time.

Will Pluggum:
Yeh..I hear ya...i'm just window shoppin.  This cimmeron didn't have the birdheads grip thou.  It had the standard saa grip.  I knew they were going to release a lightening with the standard grip but didn,t know it was on the market already.  I looked at a BH  lightning today also and found the grip to small for me.


Will Pluggum:
I you sure about that Hext?  Wasn't the .38 S&W the fore runner of the .38 Special?  I'm almost sure it was.  Same difference, it would still funtion in a .38 Sp.

Also.....I have several modern firearms I'm thinkin about selling to buy CAS or trading towards  CAS guns.  I'm thinkin the auction board would be the place for that...........

Will Ketchum:
Just so there is no confusion.  The 38 Smith & Wesson is not the same cartridge as the 38 Smith & Wesson Special.

The 38 S&W was first chambered in the Smith & Wesson break tops and has a case length of .775.  The 38 Smith & Wesson Special, now more commonly know as just the #8 Special has a case length of 1.16.

The 38 S&W is also know as the 38 Colt New Police.  Confusing I know.  Since I'm not familiar with the revolver you are referring to I can't comment on what caliber it is.  I did think that they meant the 38 S&W and 38 Long Colt but that doesn't make sense to me either since the 38 Long Colt was loaded with a heeled bullet and the early guns had a bore of .375.  Latter production guns used inside lubed bullets and bores of .357.  This cartridge was later extended from it's original 1.03 to become the 38 Smith & Wesson Special with it's 1.16 case length. 

To add to the confusion there was also a 38 Short Colt which had a case length .762 and used a heeled bullet ???

I hope I helped somewhat but fear I just added to the confusion.

Will Ketchum


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