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Caleb Hobbs:
I'm selling my Uberti '73, and have a question about shipping. When I bought the rifle, it came from Cimarron, and the dealer I got it through says it was shipped to him that way, in their white box, and that's all. I thought it seemed kind of unprotected, but the rifle was in fine shape when I got it so I didn't worry about it. Now that I'm needing to ship it across country to a dealer, that same question is coming back to haunt me. Is it normal to ship a rifle (USPS) in the slim white box I got it in, or should I put that box in another, larger box. If others ship their guns that way, I will, too, but it doesn't seem like it has much protection that way. I'll add that the insides are all there to hold the rifle in place, and I've got the gun wrapped in a cellophane fabric inside the box.

Thanks for your opinions.

Baltimore Ed:
Needs another heavier box. The white box that I've gotten with my Uberti rifles is too lightweight to ship in, imho. You need a heavy outer box. It can be on the big side with bubble wrap to fill the voids. The craziest one that I ever got was when I bought a Martini .310 Cadet  rifle (rechambered to .357 mag.) The seller had wrapped the rifle in a horse blanket and put it in the large box. It arrived to my FFL safely but it cost over 50.00 to ship. Bubble wrap is your friend. I still have the horse blanket on my piano bench. The rifles a sweetheart.

Cliff Fendley:
No that slim white Uberti box is packed in a heavier brown box that has Cimarron written on it. I'm shipping one to Cimarron in the morning in the box it came in. All of the ones I've gotten from Cimarron are shipped in the extra box not just the guns original box.

Find or make yourself another box to protect that one.

mike, check you email as I sent you an email about the shipping the rifle.


Your dealer has a poor memory.  There has always been an outer box.  They have various size outer boxes depending on how many rifles, but the single rifle outer box fits very tightly around the white box.  The outer box has the Cimarron logo on it, as Cliff mentioned, for the last number of years, but even before that there was always an outer brown box.

I always recommend removing the stock before shipping any long gun.  The tang area is easily cracked if pressure is applied to the center area of the box, even if properly packed.



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