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Help needed for 45-90 bp load

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Larryo1 :
Thank you. If I don't find an accurate BP load I will stick to smokeless as you do. but the rifle was designed BP originally and I like it more, that is why I am still trying to find a BP load. Interestingly, when I bought the rifle I hesitated because the seller offered also a 1886 rifle in 40-82...

Ranch 13 :
Thank you. Will try this...



By the way that 655 grains should have been 65.5 grains.  The bullet lube that I use is and has been all these years is a 50/50 mix of beeswax and water-pump grease.  I use it in all my firearms that need it.  I can't remember where I got that formula but it works.  the only problem now is finding water-pump grease as that is sort of getting to be about as scarce as hen's teeth.  Glad I still have a bit of it--most of what I still have was my dad's.  Anyway just thought that I would pass this on for you.

Larryo1,,,, try stool seal,,,yea' the one you put under a commode.I even use it on good leather ,,helps to water proof.


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Don't have any problems with the beeswax.  Use some of that stuff myself.  It is the water-pump grease that will have me digging and scratching in the future but for the present I got lots to keep me in business.  Thanks anyway for the tip.

FWIW I 'm using a 520 grain Postel bullet with 68 grains of FFG in my Sharps 45-90. I haven't tried anything that heavy in my '86. But I have used a 405 with 62 grains of FFG. I've also used a load of 5 grains of 4759 (IMR) "duplex" load thrown first and then with a FFG load but I need to go back and check what the FFG part of the load was. The Duplex does a nice job of consistency and keeping the fouling down, just sayin. If you can get past the "purist" part of the load I use it for almost all if not all of my cartridge loadings these days.  These are all compressed loads down with a compression die and then the lead bullet just sits on top so I can crimp it for feeding in the tube. Lobo


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