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Favorite loads for your 86

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King Medallion:
How about sharing your favorite loads for your 1886?

PJ Hardtack:
62 grs FFg/Lyman 457125 520 RN

36 grs Varget/Lyman 457193/420 gr RNFP

36 grs Varget/RCBS 350 gr RNFP

28 grs 5744 with either bullet.

I started back in '68 with 58 grains of 3031 and  have never changed.  That is under a Hornady 300 grain flat nose hollow point. Flat does the job and has for all these years.  No need to change.

52g of OE 1.5 o2f, BACO .379, 260g bullet cast with 20-1 lead tin alloy. Runs a little under 1500 fps. 2 1/4" groups at 200yds with a peep site shooting from a rest.
PS Original Winchester Sporting rifle.

Forgot to mention that my '86 is an original rifle. As one gun nut said when he saw it said that it is a "Hunters" rifle.



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