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Overcome by 1886 temptation.

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Buckaroo Lou:
I am new to posting here. I usually spend my time on the USFA section of the forum.  :)

I don't go by the gun shops very often simply because I don't want to be tempted to buy something I don't need. My current main hobbies are shooting traditional bows and guns. I use to fish quite a bit but since the local lakes have gone down and some even dried up I don't fish as much as I use to. I also have this equilibrium problem that sort of put a halt to my kayak fishing which is what I use to like to do mostly. Not sure I could stay upright in a kayak anymore because of the equilibrium so I sold my kayak several years back. Now about the only time I fish is when we go to the Rocky Mountains. I love fishing for Trout in the mountain streams and rivers.
Sorry for wandering from the intended reason for the post. Anyway, I started all this because a friend and I stopped by one of the local gun shops a few weeks back and I saw a rifle that really caught my fancy. I am a sucker for old west stuff and they had a Winchester 1886 that I took a likin' to.  Over the past couple of weeks that rifle has stuck in my mind.

The wife and I went to the Sweetwater Rattle Snake Roundup today. Not really for the snakes but because the wife likes to go to the huge arts and grafts fair they always have, I go for the gun and knife show, and we both enjoy the food venders. Me going to the gun and knife show only reinvigorated my interest in the 1886 rifle I had seen several days before. The photo is proof positive that I realized I needed that rifle.   :)


Yep, get a kid hooked on old guns and he'll never have time or money for drugs............

Buckaroo Lou:
Well after two weeks I was finally able make it out to the range and shoot my new Winchester 1886 Deluxe Short Rifle. The target was an eight inch Shoot-N-C, at 100 yards, factory barrel sights. The rounds were 45-70 hard cast 350 gr. flat nose gas check bullets, 28 gr. 4198, Winchester large rifle primer, and Winchester brass.

I had shot the target first with a 30 cal. rifle I have, covered all the holes and then shot 12 rounds with the 1886. What you see in the photo are the 45 cal. holes left by the 12 consecutive rounds I shot from the bench at 100 yards. Not great but not too shabby for an old fart whos equilibrium has gone south and has old nearsighted eyes using factory barrel iron sights.


King Medallion:
At 100 yards? That's dead deer accuracy, meat in the freezer. Nice looking rifle.  ;D

B Lou,......

I must take exception.  Great Umbrage if you will.  From your time hanging around with the USFA crowd, you are well aware, "NEED" has absolutely nothing to do with an acquisition.  "LUST" however does.  Drives the heart rate, causes cold sweats, brings on great bouts of day dreaming.  Un-Requited "LUST" can cause one to suffer incurable tremors.  Dry mouth and hiccups.

THAT ..... just happens to be an INCREDIBLY NICE rifle.  I, personally have no use for an 1886.  I do not need an 1886.  Were I, however, to happen upon THAT rifle in my LGS, I would probably dislocate my shoulder just drawing my wallet.  Well Done



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