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Winchester #97?


Paladin UK:
Ho pards, Ole Puk needs some input...

What parts wise, in the 12g and 16g are different

 I can think of Barrel, poss. bolt and receiver

Any others??

Paladin (What would like ta know) UK

Kent Shootwell:
The carrier is different too.

Paladin UK:
Ho Kent,

Thanks for that pard,

So up to now the differences are...

1. Barrel
2. Bolt
3. Receiver
4. Carrier

Paladin (What appreciates all yer help :D ) UK

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12 gauge shells will not fit into my 16 gauge magazine tube but the slide fits both 12 and 16.  Just took another look at my old 16 and noticed a second ring inside the magazine tube into which the follower stops.  This ring is not shown on my 97 exploded view.  So did Win simply use a 12 ga magazine tube and place at circular stop in the tube with a smaller follower to size a 16?  Lets ask a good "smith".   Paledun

Paladin UK:
Fer paladin..

Thanks for that pard
I really did not think there would be as many differences!! :o

Paladin (Whats learning stuff :D ) UK


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