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Rowdy Fulcher:
The TTN 1878 is a great shotgun . They have been used for cas and hunting with great success . If a shooter was wanting to use a hammered shotgun this was the shotgun of choice . In the beginning they were all 20 inch barrels and later in the game they had 26 inch barrels . I worked with Walt of TTN to have longer barrels and choked tubes . I have that shotgun now and it has done a Excellent job when needed . It excels when being used as a Turkey Gun . What do you like best about you 1878 shotgun .

There are lots of things to like about the TTN or Cimarron 1878.  The big close hammers for sweep cocking (I still cock them one at a time while reloading), plenty of drop to the stock so it points well, fairly heavy to absorb recoil, most having decent action out of the box, big bead up front, reliable, easy to work on.  But what I probably like best is that it is a great looking coach gun.  I antiqued mine long ago and the patina just keeps getting better.  I often get asked if it is an original.


I very much agree. These are good looking SXS Shotguns.
The only thing that has kept me from getting one has been the normal bbl. length and/or the use of choke tubes in the shorter bbl's.
I would like o see a 30 inch bbl. with choke built in. A much more traditional style
My best,

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Rowdy Fulcher:
Here is a Turkey picture from the other year .

Seth Hawkins:
I love the antiquing job on the shotgun, Abilene.  It does make it look like an original from what can be seen in the pic.


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