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Blueing on the Cimarron Coach Guns

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Old Smokey:
The owners manual states.

Charcoal Blue WARNING: Do not attempt to touch up Charcoal Blue. Avoid lacquer thinner, acetone, or bore solvent on Charcoal Blue, as this will remove the finish. Beer and Coca Cola will also remove the finish. The manual goes on to suggest that if you don't want a gun that will appear aged and worn, we do not recommend this finish.

I guess what's apparent is, the finish is fragile and delicate. Over time, it will fade and the gun will take on an "aged look".

I'm okay with that.   ;D

Okay...except the Cimarron coach guns are not charcoal blue  :)

They are standard blue, Chinese version (which means not particular shiny as they don't polish the steel much before bluing).  It is a pretty robust blue.

The only guns offered from Cimarron with optional charcoal blue are some of the Uberti sixguns and the '60, '66 and '73.  The finish on those is noticeably blue instead of black.

Old Smokey:
Thank you, Abilene. So in other words, I don't have to worry about spilling sodie or beer on my shotty?    ;D

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I'm not sure if the acidic Coca Cola might not harm regular bluing as well if you leave it on.  As for Beer, well that might not hurt the blue but what a waste of beer  ;D

Old Smokey:
 :D ;D :D ;D


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