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Dummy SxS SBS - advice?



I ran across a Gold Hibbard with hammers at the local gunshow. Fairly well ragged out, slop everywhere, dented barrels...I weld for a living and have worked a few miracles with tedious repairs/mods to firearms in the past but this one is one of the roughest I've ever handled. Seller had it priced at 125, I saw the mismatch between the stock and forearm so passed for the moment. Another walk through the show found me checking it out again, the seller pretty much laid it on the line.

"Bought it from a friend as a favor, he needed a few bucks, wound up working out to $85 that he owes me. If I can just get that back out of it I'd be grateful." Well, the seller was really nice to talk with on some other items he had and generally made ya feel at home while lookin' over his wares so I handed him the $85.

The more I looked at the fit/slop/dents/etc/etc/etc, the more I wanted to build a dummy SBS. Hammers don't match, the stock might be aftermarket, no checkering and the grip area is very beefy.  Somewhere between what the Road Warrior or Tony Soprano used, barrels about 2" past the tip of the forearm(?)

Last but not least, I searched Google images but hardly any SBS w'hammers. Simply because they're more rare or is it sort've a no-no?


Manufacturing a legal, functioning SBS is a fair amount of paperwork, the amount of which varies from state to state.

That being said, I guess one would often prefer to sink his efforts into something that is modern and fairly reliable to begin with.

I have other weapons I'd rather sink $200 tax stamps into someday, just not this one, hence the "dummy" aspect of it. I've already welded 2" long carbon steel plugs into the barrels, next is roughing in the pistol grip area of the stock and then choosing a barrel length.


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GunClick Rick:
That same guy sold me one right after you left,cept this time it was 75.00 he need to get back! :D



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