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Johnny McCrae:
At my clubs monthly matches one of the stages is always a "Shotgun only" stage. We have been doing this for two years now and it has been well received.

Below is a PDF file of the "Shotgun only" stage we shot last Sunday along with a few pictures of the actual stage.

I started shooting Cowboy Action matches in 2007. The only reason I only bought a shotgun then because it was required. Now the shotgun have become one of my favorite firearms to shoot.

Many thanks to Marshall Halloway for adding this forum to the CAS City website.

litl rooster:
I like all shot gun stages but most people find that it is too brutal on them.

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
My first thought was that this type of stage is a natural for the '97.  Then I saw the second snap.  How did the doubles "stack up"?

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Johnny McCrae:
Howdy Sir Charles,

We had a total of 34 Shooters at this match. The top 3 Shooters used 1897's. After that we had a lot of side by sides taking over. The top Shooter's time was 17.70 seconds. The 4th place Shooter (side by side) had a time of 22.87 seconds.

Most of the time we shoot 4 rounds in the center bay. Below are PDF files of a few examples of this.

Paladin Gun For Hire:
Would love to see more shotgun only stages. I luv my SXS. ;D


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