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The Arapaho Kid:
In my first match I easily qualified for the bottom of the barrel on the score sheet.  It's been like that ever since!  Can't seem to get higher than the bottom of the barrel....but...I have a lot of fun getting there!  So ask me if I care!

The Bottom of the Barrel Kid

Well now, I'd been shootin' bowlin' pins.  Went 'n watched them cowboys shoot 'n they wuz shootin' big ole targets real close.  Liked that.

Had me a Blackhawk 'n a Rossi '92 way 'fore I knew what CAS was.  Hadn't messed with the 'hawk much, didn't really like it but I could shoot it.  Done a bunch ah plinkin' with the '92, mostly pins left over from the pin matches 'n that at fifty yards.  Heck, that card suit I seen them cowpokes shootin' was gonna be a piece ah cake!

Whut I hadn't done wuz shoot a double barrel shotgun 'n when I stepped up ta shoot my first stage that wuz the first gun.

Now I'd done test fired the thing.  After I got it I took it ta the range ta make sure it worked.  Made me some good dust shootin' inta the berm from fifty yards.  Nuttin' to it.

Sos, ennyways, there I am.  No sweat. I know I ain't gonna win, too new.  I know I can shoot, done shot everything from PPC ta NRA Action Pistol.  Tarnation, I'd shot a pin match the weekend before fer money.  My job 'n a steady paycheck depended on me qualifyin' with my service pistol 'n a pump shotgun loaded with real stuff once a year.  This silly CAS stuff is gonna be EASY!

First stage ever.  I'm in jail.  On the signal, ya reach thru the cell door 'n grab a cleanin' rod.  Use that ta get the keys ta the cell off a hook - slide 'em down the rod 'n grab 'em.  Unlock the cell door, get ta the shotgun - load 'n blast a couple clay pigeons.  In front of ever'body 'n their kid sisters I missed them things bigger'n heck!

Ya do sumthin' like that 'n ya get real humble in a hurry..........................

Camille Eonich:

Arcey I remember when we was just watching being confused about how they hit them big ol close targets.  And shotgun targets!  How could you miss a shotgun target that was almost within arms reach.

Very very humbling.

Very humbling. ;D


Missouri Marshal:
I remember my first match, it was at Pungo, I was as green as ya git.  I had been shootin all my life, 22yrs in the military, huntin, target shootin.  Watched a CAS match at Pungo and couldn't figure out how the heck they were missin them targets.  I soon learned that CAS can be very humbling experience when ya think yur good.  Well my first match I showed up wearin a green plaid, pearl snap western shirt, Wranglers, modern cowboy boots.  Had me a pair of Rugers, a Marlin 94c and a SXS.  I was ready.  Yea, right.  First thing I noticed was this scraggy lookin guy with long hair and a beard wearin a hat with an arrow through it.  He was all over the place, seemed like he knew everyone.  He sure looked like he was havin fun.   Me I didn't know anyone.  Well my turn comes around ta shoot.  First match, first stage, nervous as hell.  Sure didn't want ta look like a fool in front of all these strangers.  Get up to the line, Beep, draw ma pistols,  missed a couple but didn't screw up, git ma rifle, Click, lever, click, lever, click, lever, what the heck was goin on, click, lever, click, lever.  Heard someone behind me yellin SAFETY, SAFETY.  God, thought I violatin a safety rule, then the RO says, “take the safety off!”  Managed to eject 5 live rounds before I took the safety off.  Man did I feel stupid.  I didn't have any spare rounds on me to reload.  Must have been 3 people tryin ta hand me more ammo.  Now here I'm thinkin, I screwed up and these folks are jumpin over each other ta help me and this is competition.  I was hooked right then.  Oh, that scraggy lookin pard with the arrow in his hat soon became ma best Pard and Cuzin.  Sure have learned allot from him.  Thanks Pard, I will be eternally grateful.  Ya know who you are.


Yanno, I'd been shootin' CAS 'nuff ta know whut the hell I was doin' - BUT - West Point one affernoon.  Half way thru a shoot.  Grab that l'il Marlin 'n 'CLICK'  lever it 'CLICK'.

Justin is runnin' the clock 'n he's yellin' 'SAFETY SAFETY!'

I yell back, 'I got the damned thing pointed downrange!'

'No, ya danged fool!  The rifle's safety!'

'Oh........................... Ok'

Yup.  This game kin keep ya humble........... 'N that safety thingy is long gone now.

Thinkin' I got a hat wit an arrow thru it.  Yup, there it is.  A few feet away sittin' on the stereo.  Used ta have hair down ta my shoulders.  All gone but I got pitchers.  Happy ta have a couple I know callin' me a pard.  That too is humblin' 'n makes life better.


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